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Degree Requirements

What are Revelle's general education (GE) requirements?

Revelle has a rigorous GE curriculum that prepares students to be well-rounded and ready for any future plans. Read about the requirements here.  

Can I take community college classes to fulfill GE requirements?

Yes. Please visit the Transfer Course Information page of Revelle's website for information.

How do I check my degree audit?

To verify that your classes are counting for the degree requirements you expect, check your degree audit. Visit TritonLink for more information about your audit. If your degree audit seems inaccurate, contact Revelle Advising through the VAC. If you need help reading it, come to drop-in advising.

I have IGETC. Do I need to take Revelle's math and science GEs?

Yes. Transfer students with IGETC must satisfy all Revelle math and natural science requirements that they have not already completed at the community college. Check your degree audit to see which requirements you have remaining, and contact Revelle Advising with questions. 

I am an international student. Do I need the AHI requirement?

If you are an international student on a current F-1 or J-1 visa, you may waive the American History and Institutions (AHI) university requirement during your graduating quarter. Once you have filed your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) during your graduating quarter, please send Revelle Academic Advising a VAC message or visit during drop-in advising hours.

Can I change my college?

During the application process, applicants are asked to rank their preference of UC San Diego’s colleges, and they are assigned accordingly. You cannot change your College after admission. Once enrolled, if you want to transfer colleges you will need to apply for the Inter-College Transfer process by Week 4 of the Winter or Spring quarter. Applications are only accepted if you can graduate at least two quarters earlier by changing colleges. Please view the Inter-College Transfer Request application for more details.

What is an elective?

An elective is a course that does not satisfy a requirement for your major, minor, university requirements, or general education. Students need at least 180 units to graduate (some majors require more) so all students will need elective units as part of their overall degree.

What are lower-division units? Upper-division units?

Courses numbered 1 through 99 are lower-division courses and are typically for first-year students and sophomores. Courses numbered 100 through 199 are upper-division courses and are usually open only to students who have completed at least one lower-division course in the given subject. You will need at least 60 upper-division units to graduate.