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We Are Revelle: First-Gen and Finest

First-Gen and Finest LogoRevelle College, the first college at UC San Diego, is home to many students who are the first in their families to attend college. We recognize these students as first-generation college students or “first-gen” for short. Several Revelle staff and faculty also identify as first-gen college students. UC San Diego and the University of California Office of the President define first-generation college students as students with neither parent having earned a four-year college degree. At Revelle, we recognize that students identify as first-gen for many reasons, and we seek to support all students who self-identify as first-gen.

We are prepared to support and empower students who are the first in their family to attend college with the tools to successfully navigate earning a degree from a research university. Revelle College can assist students who are exploring major and career options, managing financial decisions, navigating university resources and policies, finding a place among a larger community, and building a supportive social network.  Revelle’s First-Gen and Finest committee specifically seeks to support students by making connections to campus resources and events, and through digital engagement.

Defining a First-Generation Student

UC San Diego defines first-generation college students as students with neither parent having a four-year college degree (UCOP definition)

Are you a first-generation college student?

If so, Revelle College is dedicated in representing its first-generation college students and recognizes student efforts by spotlighting a first-generation student on @allthingsrevelle. Every other week we feature a first-generation college student on our Instagram and we ask a series of questions that relate to the first-generation experience, background, personal achievement, and some advice as well. If you would like to be featured on our Instagram, we encourage you to fill out the interview form linked here.

First-Generation Revelle Staff

Staff Title Contact Information
Ruby Victoria (she/her/hers)  Assistant Academic Advisor
Ashley Grove (she/her/hers) Senior Academic Counselor
Isabel Lopez (she/her/hers) Residence Life Housing Assistant
Janet Lim Program Assistant
Jesselan Nehls (she/her/hers) Senior Academic Counselor
Katie Michel (she/her/hers) Dean of Academic Advising
Rubia Hernandez (she/her/ella) Assistant Director of Residence Life
Sherry Mallory (she/her/hers) Dean of Student Affairs

If you are a staff or faculty member who identifies as a first-gen student, please fill out this form.

Resources ~ Tips and How-To's

Wondering how to find a mentor or what courses may help you find your academic passion? Need ideas for connecting with professors, or how to find jobs on campus and after graduation? Looking for research and internship resources and opportunities?

Start here!