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Humanities Transfer Course Policy 

Students who entered Revelle as freshmen Fall 2016 and prior
are required to take HUM 1, HUM 2, and at least one course chosen from HUM 3, 4, and 5 at UCSD. Students may transfer up to two courses for HUM 3, 4, or 5 from the approved lists below. Effective Fall 2017, ASSIST courses NOT included on the approved list below are no longer accepted.

All freshmen entering Revelle Fall 2017 and after are required to take HUM 1, HUM 2, HUM 3 and at least one course chosen from HUM 4 or 5 at UC San Diego. Students may transfer one course for HUM 4 or 5 from the approved lists below.

Transfer students entering Revelle may complete the HUM 3-4-5 requirement with three approved quarter courses, two approved semester courses, or a combination of one approved semester course and one course from HUM 3, 4, or 5 at UC San Diego. Transfer courses taken prior to matriculation in Philosophy, History, Literature and the Humanities will be evaluated the summer before matriculation to determine how they apply towards the Revelle Humanities GE. Petitions are not necessary for these courses. Once a student has enrolled at UC San Diego, they may select transfer courses only from the approved list below.

To have courses taken outside of the approved list assessed, please petition the course.

Transfer courses and UC San Diego courses must be taken for a letter grade. To learn more about the Humanities requirement, click here.

List of Approved Humanities Transfer Courses

Current UC San Diego students may take an approved course from one of two categories: Introduction to Humanities and History. Students may not earn additional units by taking more than one course from a category below, with noted exceptions.

Repetition of course content is considered a duplication of credit and will receive 0.0 units. If you have taken a similar course previously, please contact Revelle Academic Advising. If you duplicate course content, consult Revelle Academic Advising about earning subject credit only.

All institutions are on the semester system except for De Anza and Foothill Colleges, which are on the quarter system.

Introduction to Humanities Classes

Students may receive credit for one course from this list. These courses include:

Institution Course Course Title
CSU Northridge HUM 101 Forms & Ideas in Humanities
Diablo Valley College HUMAN 112 Intro to Humanities: Modern World
Saddleback College HUM 1 Intro to Humanities
Santa Rosa Jr. College HUMAN 5 World Humanities: Art, Ideas, Values
Shasta College HUM 2 Exploring the Humanities

History Classes

Generally, students may receive credit for one course from this list. Exceptions are noted.

Institution Course Course Title
Allan Hancock College HIST/HUMN 105 Western Civ Since 1650
Chabot College HIS 2 Western Civ II
College of San Mateo HIST 101 History of Western Civ II
College of the Canyons HIST 102 Hist of Western Civ: Modern Era
CSU Dominguez Hills HUM 200³ Intro to the Humanities
CSU Dominguez Hills HUM 204³ Intro to the Humanities
De Anza College²♦ HIST 6B History of Western Civ
De Anza College♦ HIST 6C History of Western Civilization: 1750 C.E. to Present
Diablo Valley College HIST 141 History of Western Civ Since Renaissance
Foothill College¹ HUMN 5 Cultures, Civilizations, & Ideas: The Modern World
Foothill College¹ HUMN 6 The Shock of the New: From Modern to Contemporary
LA Pierce College HISTORY 2 Intro to Western Civ II
Mira Costa College HIST 104 Modern European History and Culture
Modesto Jr. College HUMAN 106 Humanities in the Modern World
Ohlone College HIST 104B Western Civ
Palomar College HIST 106 History of Europe Since the Reformation
Santa Monica College HIST 2 History of Western Civ II
Santa Rosa Jr. College HUMAN 4.2 Western Humanities from 1600
West Valley College HUMN 1B Human Values In and From the Arts
¹Credit is allowed for both HUMN 5 and HUMN 6 from Foothill College, assuming that other prior transfer credit for the same time period (1400’s to the present) has not been given.
²Credit is allowed for De Anza’s HIST 6B along with any other class from this list.
³HUM 200 from CSU Dominguez Hills was renumbered to HUM 204 in Fall 2021. Credit is allowed for only one of HUM 200 and HUM 204.
♦Credit is allowed for both HIST 6B and HIST 6C from De Anza College, assuming the student does not have prior credit for any other History Based class.

Petitioning a Course

Evaluated courses are from the California Community College and CSU systems. If a course is not on the approved course list, including a course from UC San Diego, then it will need to be petitioned for Humanities credit. Petitions are rarely approved.

Please submit an Undergraduate Student Petition to the Humanities Program ( for consideration. You must attach a syllabus or course description to the petition.

Petitions typically take 5-10 business days to be reviewed.

How to Transfer an Approved Humanities Course to UCSD

To learn about course offerings or to enroll, please contact the institution offering the approved transfer course. If available, courses may be taken online. Petitions are not necessary for courses on the approved list.

Once you have received a finalized grade, please send an official transcript to the UCSD Admissions Office:
UCSD Admissions, 0021-A
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0021

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to post transfer courses to UC San Diego records. Once your transfer courses have been received and posted, your Academic History will display your transferred courses. Please continue to check your Academic History for that information. If you are graduating the quarter that you take a transfer course, please contact Revelle College through the Virtual Advising Center for additional instructions.