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Do I need renters' insurance while living on campus?

Have your parent or guardian check to see if their homeowner's policy covers you while you are here at UC San Diego. You may need extra coverage for computers, jewelry, personal liability, etc. If you are not covered, we recommend you look into renters' insurance. If you need personal property insurance, please contact National Student Services Incorporated at NSSI specializes in student personal property insurance.

What should I bring for move in?

While this is not a complete list of everything you will need while living on campus, here is a list of items to get you started:

  • Bedding: pillows, sheets to fit an extra long twin bed (36"x80"), and towels.
  • Kitchen Appliances: You may want to bring a microwave (less than 1.5 cubic feet) or a mini refrigerator smaller than five cubic feet (one per room). You may NOT bring a toaster oven or appliances that may potentially cause fire hazards.
  • Miscellaneous: a non-halogen desk lamp, telephone, alarm clock, stereo, television, fan ,computer, printer, power surge protector, hangers, toiletries, storage bins.
  • If you are living in an apartment, although you are required to have a meal plan, you may want to bring pots and pans for occasional cooking, along with plates and silverware
  • Once you receive your room assignment information in early September, it is a good idea to call your new roommates so you don't bring multiple or unnecessary appliances.
  • A hand truck or dolly to carry heavy or bulky items always makes the moving process easier. A limited number of carts will also be available for check-out during move-in.

I am an incoming freshman. When do I find out who I will be living with and where I will be living?

In early September, the Revelle Residence Life Office will send notification e-mails to your UC San Diego e-mail account when your roommates/suitemates information is available for viewing at While September may seem late, there are many changes in our student population over the summer. We want to provide you with firm information and doing assignments later facilitates this. Be sure to ask one another what you are bringing (so you do not end up with four microwaves) and discuss whether you would like to share phone service or if you will use your own cell phone, etc.

How are single rooms assigned?

Unfortunately, the demand for singles far exceeds the number of single rooms available so not all students who request a single room will be assigned to one. Single rooms are assigned based on date of application - the earlier you submit your application to Housing, the more likely you are to receive a single room. If you prefer to live in a single room please note there is an additional cost per year. Please check to view updated housing costs.

If I don't bring a computer to campus, am I at a disadvantage?

Having your own computer would be more convenient; however, on-campus computer labs are available throughout campus and one of the largest labs is CLICS which is located in Galbraith Hall in Revelle College. The Revelle College Center has a few computers available for use during our hours of operation. Printing is also available. Please check with your Resident Assistant for information about where computer labs are located.

I am bringing a personal computer, are there any safety precautions I should consider?

We strongly advise you to protect all your electronic equipment with surge protectors. Also be sure to check with your parent or guardian's home owner's policy for theft and fire coverage. If you need personal property insurance, please contact College Student Insurance Agency Inc. at or National Student Services Incorporated at . CSI and NSSI specialize in student personal property insurance.

Should I bring a car to UC San Diego?

If you choose to bring a car please be aware that there is limited student parking near the Revelle complex. If you are interested in alternate modes of transportation you can get a free bus sticker at the UC San Diego parking office. The free bus zone was recently expanded. You can now get free rides from UC San Diego to UTC, Downtown San Diego, Downtown La Jolla, Mission Valley, Mira Mesa, to the nearest Amtrak station in Solana Beach, and other areas in. For more detailed information please visit the Parking and Transportation website at

What if I move in and do not like it?

Try to seek help by starting with the Residence Life Staff, particularly your RA, to resolve any concerns. There are many staff members on hand to assist you in adjusting to life on campus. If you still don't like it and would like to move off campus, you can request a Housing Contract Release Application at the Revelle Residence Life Office and schedule a meeting with the Director of Residence Life. Contract releases are not guaranteed. The Director of Residence Life makes the decision to approve or deny the Housing Contract release requests. Once a student is released from their contract, they void their housing guarantee.

Is there co-ed housing at Revelle?

No, co-ed housing is not available for first-year students at Revelle (meaning that all men live with men and women live with women). However, the floors are co-ed and we do not separate floors or buildings by gender.

Gender inclusive housing is available for continuing groups of residents in designated areas in our seven apartment living areas at UC San Diego. Gender inclusive housing allows continuing residents of all genders to live together in apartments. This housing option is available only to groups of residents currently living on campus from the same college.  If you need assistance in seeking out a group that may be interested in gender inclusive housing, please contact the Revelle Residence Life Office at 858-534-3025.

Are there co-ed bathrooms at Revelle?

No, the bathrooms at Revelle are not co-ed. Each suite or apartment has its own bathroom that is shared by students of the same gender. There is no walking down a hall to a bathroom that everyone on the floor shares, as is traditionally true in dorms.

Do the custodial staff clean the apartments and residence halls?

All on-campus housing facilities include some level of cleaning service each week. Cleaning is restricted to public areas including living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their private sleeping areas and clearing counter and floor areas of excessive mess for the custodial staff to clean each week. Vacuums are available to check out from the Revelle College Center (located on the 1st floor of Blake Hall), but residents may consider bringing their own mini-vacuum.

How does the dining program work?

Included in the cost of your Housing contract is a Meal Plan (Dining Dollars). It functions just like a declining balance bankcard where residents can go to any of the 12 Housing and Dining locations during the operational hours of 7:00am and 1:00am (varies by location). The items are rung up, their student ID card is swiped, and the amount is deducted. Their remaining balance is displayed after each use. One can choose between various meal plan options depending on preference.

How many meals does the base plan of Dining Dollars buy?

It depends completely on your use and preferences. In determining the base level, we looked at past "average". Students can come in as many times as they wish in a day. They can eat as little or as much as they want. They can take items home with them. They will get a good feel for their use over the first quarter.

Why isn't a 3 meal a day plan offered?

This type of plan used to be an option, and to be honest, no student ever ate three meals a day, seven days a week with us. Therefore, you would be in essence paying for something that you would never use. We recognize that students need variety or may go home on weekends or get up late and skip breakfast and we do not want you paying for all those missed meals!

What is the Triton Cash Card?

The Triton Cash Card is a declining balance account on your UC San Diego ID card, similar to Dining Dollars, that you may CHOOSE to utilize. You open an account and you put whatever amount of money in you desire.

It is yours to spend at any campus location that takes the card (over 40) such as the Bookstore, Price Center Restaurants, etc. as well as off-campus restaurants such as Chipotle and Island's.

The Triton Cash Card can also be used at laundry facilities instead of quarters. It can even be used to pay for on campus events. It's convenient, flexible, and stays with you as long as you are a student at UC San Diego. Unlike Dining Dollars, this is not a "use it or lose it" program.

How is the Triton Cash Card different from the meal plan? Is it a separate card?

The Triton Cash program extends beyond Housing and Dining facilities (while the meal plan program is limited to Housing and Dining operations). However, both campus programs are run using your UC San Diego ID card, so no additional cards are needed.

How do I get my mailbox pin code?

You will receive an e-mail with your mailbox number and pin code information within the first week of moving in.

Do I have to return the Room Inspection Check List?

YES! The purpose of this form is to ensure that you will not be charged for any pre-existing damages when you move out. Take a few days to take inventory of any discrepancies that may exist in your room and common areas. Bring the completed form to the Revelle College Center.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you have damages that need repair, please call maintenance at 858-534-2600.

What do I do if I am locked out of my suite/apartment?

During office hours (8am-9pm Mon-Fri and 12pm-9pm Saturday and Sunday) come to the College Center with a UC San Diego ID or Driver's License. If you are locked out after business hours please call the RA on duty at 858-534-4545 and they will assist you. 

How do I order phone service?

You may want to consider cellular phone service for your primary line. Less than one third of our residents subscribe to a land line. If you would like to make arrangements for regular telephone service, please contact AT&T. If you want a phone and answering machine, be sure to bring them with you.

What do I do if something in my room breaks or does not work?

You can submit an online service request at: or in case of emergency call 858-534-2600.

I have a meal plan. Where can I eat?

You may eat at any of the dining facilities across campus. See the dining website for a list of locations and hours:

***Please note that the Price Center restaurants do not take dining dollars, but will take Triton Cash***

What do I do if one of my keys breaks?

Bring all the pieces of the broken key to the Revelle Residence Life Office and we will issue you a new key at no charge.

What do I do if I lose my bedroom key?

Come to the College Center to fill out a lost key form and receive a new bedroom key. A $10 lost key fee will be charged to your student account.

Where do I pick up my student ID?

If you did not get your UC San Diego ID at Orientation or in your move in packet, please go to the Campus Card Office located on the 3rd floor of the Student Services Center (Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm).

Additionally, replacement student ID cards can be purchased at the Campus Card Office for $15.

How do I send and receive mail and packages?

Outgoing letters can be mailed at the Post Office located at the Price Center extension (next to Burger King) and at mailboxes throughout campus (check individual boxes for pick up times). Parcels sent to students by UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne Express, CA Overnight and florists are delivered directly to the College Center. When a student receives a package, a notice will be e-mailed to your UC San Diego account indicating where to pick it up.

Packages sent to students via the US Postal Services are picked up at Student Mail Services (located in Muir College below Pines). A photo ID is necessary to pick up all packages. All letters and packages must be addressed with a complete LEGAL name (no nicknames) and address (including box number) or delivery will be delayed.

What is my mailing address?

Legal Name (used in your Housing Contract)
9450 Gilman Dr. 7XXXX (your PO Box Assignment)
La Jolla, CA 92092-XXXX (the last four digits of your box)

Should I check my UC San Diego e-mail?

Yes. Academic Advising and other campus offices (including the Residence Life Office) use the official UC San Diego e-mail to contact students with important information. We recommend that you forward your UC San Diego e-mail to another account that you are already accustomed to checking regularly. For details on e-mail forwarding, go to the Academic Computing and Media Services website at

What do I do if I have pests?

Because UC San Diego is located next to a series of canyons, ants and field mice may find their way into the complex looking for food and water. Be sure not to leave any food out as it attracts critters. Promptly clean up spills and food crumbs to help prevent an invasion of ants.

If you find a mouse in your apartment/suite please contact Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) directly at (858) 534-7513 or (858) 534-4534. For after hours pest situations, contact Campus Police at (858) 534-4357. 

Where can I go if I need groceries?

Nearby grocery stores (all within 1-3 miles) include Ralph's, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's in the La Jolla Village Square and VONS off Regents Road. Don't forget to check out the Food Co-Op in the Old Student Center (near the Grove Cafe) and Earl's Place (which accepts meal points). If you don't have a car you can get a FREE limited area bus pass from the Parking and Transportation Office located at Gilman Parking Structure. The UC San Diego City Shuttle (board at Mandeville) also runs to the La Jolla Village Square center (take the Blue, Nobel Shuttle). Simply take your UC San Diego student ID and the shuttle ride is free.

How do I order cable TV?

Believe it or not, basic Time Warner Cable is FREE to our residents! There is no need to order service, just plug the cable into your TV or VCR. The cable is located in the common area and bedrooms of your apartment or suite. Channels include A&E, ABC, BET, BBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, FOOD Network, FOX, HBO, Lifetime, MTV, NBC, PBS, TLC, TNT, VH1, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery, History, Sci-Fi, Sundance, Student Run TV, UC San Diego TV, and our very own Revelle College TV channel. DVR boxes can be rented through Time Warner Cable for an additional charge. Please contact Time Warner Cable directly to have them set up.

How do I order a dataline for my computer?

Datalines are already in every bedroom in the Residence Halls (next to the phone line) and cable modems are in every bedroom of the apartments (gray box). You will need to register on line with Res Net to receive access (refer to the information brochure in your move in packet for installation instructions). Please do not unplug the modem boxes for any reason.

Where do I go if I feel sick?

The Student Health Center is located on Library Walk near Price Center. To schedule general appointments call 858-534-8089 or visit their website at:

What do I do if a solicitor comes to my door?

"Door to Door" solicitation is strictly prohibited on campus. Feel free to say you are not interested and they should not be selling door to door. If you see anyone going door to door selling magazines, candy, food cosmetics, etc. or anyone suspicious, please call the RA on Duty (858-534-4545), the Residence Life Office (858-534-3025), or an RSO (858-534-HELP) to have them contact the person(s).

What do I do if I run out of Dining Dollars?

There are many choices. You can pay cash anywhere on campus and depending on your housing, you can cook in your room or building, use your Triton Cash account at many locations, or you can dine out. If you want to buy more Dining Dollars they are sold at a discounted rate ($100 buys $120 worth of Dining Dollars). You can add dining dollars to your plan by going to the dining website: . You can add Dining Dollars anytime, but we strongly recommend that you do not do so until you are well into the year and see how your actual usage is going before being locked into a program. Please note Dining Dollars are a "use it or lose it" program and expire at the end of each academic year.

What if I have Dining Dollars left over? Can I get cash back or carry them over to next year?

No, Dining Dollars are a "use it or lose it" program BUT we have set the buy-in at such a minimum level that, should your student have large amounts of meal points left, we would be concerned about how well they are eating.

I'm trying to find a place to live off campus next year. Where do I look for an apartment?

We realize that not all students have been able to get a housing contract, so here are a few UCSD resources that will help you find housing nearby. Commuter Student Services has great resources for students looking to move off campus.

Helpful links: 

I am interested in being an RA. How and when can I apply?

The Revelle Residence Life Office will have tons of information regarding the RA selection process throughout Winter Quarter. Check back to this website for more information in the Winter and also be sure to read your RA's newsletters for updates.