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I have questions about moving in

Moving onto campus comes with a lot of questions. Check our Move In Information page or HDH's Housing Information page for detailed information about moving in.

Moving Out or Living Off Campus

Try to seek help by starting with the Residence Life Staff, particularly your RA, to resolve any concerns. There are many staff members on hand to assist you in adjusting to life on campus. If you still don't like it and would like to move off campus, you can request a Housing Contract Termination. Contract terminations are not guaranteed. Please be well informed before finalizing this decision. 

We realize that not all students have been able to get a housing contract, so here are a few UCSD resources that will help you find housing nearby. Commuter Student Services has great resources for students looking to move off campus.

Helpful links: 

Should I bring a computer to campus

Having your own computer would be more convenient; however, on-campus computer labs are available throughout campus and one of the largest labs is CLICS which is located in Galbraith Hall in Revelle College. The Revelle College Center has a few computers and printing available for use during our hours of operation. Please check with your Resident Assistant for information about where computer labs are located.

If you decided to bring a computer we strongly advise you protect all your electronic equipment with surge protectors. Also be sure to check with your parent or guardian's home owner's policy for theft and fire coverage. If you need personal property insurance, please contact College Student Insurance Agency Inc. at or National Student Services Incorporated at . CSI and NSSI specialize in student personal property insurance.

Should I bring a car to UC San Diego?

If you choose to bring a car please be aware that there is limited student parking near the Revelle housing area. If you are interested in alternate modes of transportation you can get a free bus sticker at the UC San Diego parking office. The free bus zone was recently expanded. You can now get free rides from UC San Diego to UTC, Downtown San Diego, Downtown La Jolla, Mission Valley, Mira Mesa, to the nearest Amtrak station in Solana Beach, and other areas in. For more detailed information please visit the Parking and Transportation website at

Is there co-ed housing at Revelle?

Students can opt into Gender Inclusive Housing when they apply for housing. Gender inclusive housing is designed for residents of all genders to live in community together. More information can be found on the HDH Room Selection webpage, under the Housing Communities tab. 

Students who do not opt in, will live in suites or apartments with others of the same gender. Each suite or apartment has its own bathroom that is shared only with those suite members. Buildings and floors are not designated by gender, meaning co-ed floors and buildings. 

Maintenance, Custodial, and Pests

Please refer to the HDH Fix It website for further information on the services provided. Immediately reporting any maintenance, cleaning, or pest control needs, such as fresh carpet stains, dripping faucets and showers, or pests in your apartment helps us address these issues faster.Requests are addressed in priority order. 

  • If it not an emergency situation (need light bulb replacement) submit a FIX IT request.
  • If it is an emergency maintenance situation (e.g., flooding), call HDH Customer Service immediately at 858-534-2600


Maintenance services are included in your Housing contract with the understanding that any issues caused due to negligence will be reported to your Residential Life Office. The maintenance team will stop by your apartment to address a ticket you submitted or if an issue in a different apartment may affect your living area. 


All on-campus housing facilities include some level of cleaning service each week. Cleaning is restricted to public areas including living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their private sleeping areas and clearing counter and floor areas of excessive mess for the custodial staff to clean each week. Vacuums are available to check out from the Revelle College Center (located on the 1st floor of Blake Hall), but residents may consider bringing their own mini-vacuum.

Environmental, Health, and Safety:

Because UC San Diego is located next to a series of canyons, ants and field mice may find their way into the complex looking for food and water. Be sure not to leave any food out as it attracts critters. Promptly clean up spills and food crumbs to help prevent an invasion of ants.

I have questions about my Dining Plan

Included in the cost of your Housing contract is a Dining Plan. For more information about dining meal plans, locations, and options please visit the Dining Website

If you run out of Dining Dollar, you can always add dining dollars to your plan by going to the dining website. You can also pay cash anywhere on campus and depending on your housing, you can cook in your room or building, use your Triton Cash account at many locations, or you can dine out.

What is Triton Cash?

The Triton Cash program extends beyond Housing and Dining facilities (while the meal plan program is limited to Housing and Dining operations). However, both campus programs are run using your UC San Diego ID card, so no additional cards are needed. This is a declining balance account on your UC San Diego ID card, similar to Dining Dollars, that you may CHOOSE to utilize. More information can be found on the Triton Cash website.

Mail and Delivery

  • How do I address mail to be delivered to me?
    • Legal Name (used in your Housing Contract)
      9450 Gilman Dr. 7XXXX (your PO Box Assignment)
      La Jolla, CA 92092-XXXX (the last four digits of your box)
    • Not using this format can create severe delays or a return of your package.

  • How do I open my mailbox?
    • You will receive an e-mail with your mailbox number and pin code information within the first week of moving in.

  • What about packages?
    • Use the same delivery address
    • You will receive an email to your email with instructions to pick up your packages from the Revelle Mail Center. 

  • How do I send mail?
    • Outgoing letters can be mailed at the Post Office located at the Price Center extension (next to Burger King) and at mailboxes throughout campus (check individual boxes for pick up times). Parcels sent to students by UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne Express, CA Overnight and florists are delivered directly to the College Center. When a student receives a package, a notice will be e-mailed to your UC San Diego account indicating where to pick it up.

What do I do if I am locked out of my suite/apartment?

If you are locked out of your space you will need to contact one of the resources below for assistance getting back into your space.

  • Revelle Residence Life Office
    • Weekdays 8am - 4:30PM
    • Located on the northwest corner first floor of Blake Hall
  • RA on Duty
    • Weekdays 5:00pm - 9:00pm & Weekends 9:00am -9:00pm
    • Call 858-534-4545
  • UCSD Police Department
    • Weekdays 9pm - 8am
    • Weekends 9pm - 9am
    • Call HDH FixIt at (858) 534-2600 and they will get an Officer or USO out to assist
    • May incur a charge to your student account per lockout.

I lost my key or its broken

If your key broke: Bring all the pieces of the broken key to the Revelle Residence Life Office and we will issue you a new key at no charge. 

If you have lost your key: Come to the College Center to fill out a lost key form and receive a new bedroom key. A $25 lost key fee will be charged to your student account.

Where do I pick up my student ID?

If you did not get your UC San Diego ID at Orientation or in your move in packet, please go to the Campus Card Office located on the 3rd floor of the Sstudent Services Center (Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm).

Additionally, replacement student ID cards can be purchased at the Campus Card Office at an additional fee. 

Should I check my UC San Diego e-mail?

Yes. Academic Advising and other campus offices (including the Residence Life Office) use the official UC San Diego e-mail to contact students with important information. We recommend that you forward your UC San Diego e-mail to another account that you are already accustomed to checking regularly. For details on e-mail forwarding, go to the Academic Computing and Media Services website at

Where can I go if I need groceries?

Nearby grocery stores (all within 1-3 miles) include Ralph's, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's in the La Jolla Village Square and VON'S off Regents Road. Don't forget to check out the Food Co-Op in the Old Student Center (near the Grove Cafe) and Earl's Place (which accepts meal points). If you don't have a car you can get a FREE limited area bus pass from the Parking and Transportation Office located at Gilman Parking Structure. The UC San Diego City Shuttle (board at Mandeville) also runs to the La Jolla Village Square center (take the Blue, Nobel Shuttle). Simply take your UC San Diego student ID and the shuttle ride is free.

Additionally, the campus has a few Grocery Shuttles that run on the weekends to assist students with getting to grocery shuttles further away from campus. 

How do I get Cable TV, Internet, and Phone services?

  • ResNet is your go to for connecting your devices to the residential area Wi-Fi and Spectrum Cable TV. To find out more about how to connect please visit the ResNet website. 
    • Please note that as of 2020, the ethernet ports in the residential buildings no longer function. This was done to focus on more powerful WiFi modems. Modems are in every bedroom of the apartments (gray box). Please do not unplug the modem boxes for any reason.
  • If you would like to make arrangements for regular telephone service, please contact AT&T. If you want a phone and answering machine, be sure to bring them with you.You may want to consider cellular phone service for your primary line. Less than one third of our residents subscribe to a land line. 

Where do I go if I feel sick?

The Student Health Center is located on Library Walk near Price Center. To schedule general appointments call 858-534-8089 or visit their website at:

What do I do if someone I don't know or a solicitor comes to my door?

"Door to Door" solicitation is strictly prohibited on campus. Feel free to say you are not interested and they should not be selling door to door. If you see anyone going door to door selling magazines, candy, food cosmetics, etc. or anyone suspicious, please call the RA on Duty (858-534-4545), the Residence Life Office (858-534-3025), or an RSO (858-534-HELP) to have them contact the person(s).