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Revelle Residence Life: Event/Room

Reservation Guidelines

The Revelle Residence Life Office has four spaces available for meetings, programs, speaker engagements, open forums, performances, and receptions:

  • Conference Room A (Seating Capacity 12)
  • Conference Room B (Seating Capacity 19)
  • Conference Room C (Seating Capacity 36)
  • Revelle Formal Lounge (Seating Capacity 39)
  • Argo Multipurpose Room

All of these facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Reservations can be made for 9:00am - 9:00pm Monday through Friday. Reservations for Saturday and Sunday may be made for 12:00pm - 9:00pm. Reservations, outside of these times, can be made by special exception.

** Please note that Residence Life does not assist with the room set up or technical services. In your reservation please account for any setup time you will need. **

Online Reservation Form

Revelle College Conference Rooms are NOT AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL DURING SUMMER. On Thursday September 5, 2019, Residence Life will begin reviewing reservations. Starting Thursday September 5, 2019 Revelle Student Organizations/ Revelle Affiliated organizations will be able to submit reservations. NO reservtion is official until an email has been sent from the Residence Life office. After Monday September 16, 2019, non-Revelle-affiliated organizations can begin requesting conference room space. Space availability is limited.


Because the residents of the Revelle College Residence Halls pay for the use and maintenance of its common facilities, priority will be given to Revelle's registered organizations.

The following entities are considered Revelle College "affiliates." These groups will not be charged and have scheduling priority:

  • Revelle Res Life, including its Resident Assistant
  • Revelle College Administration (Academic Advising, Provost, Student Affairs)
  • Officially registered Revelle College organizations, including Revelle College Council
  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Housing, Dinning and Hospitality

All other groups are considered "non-affiliates" and will be charged to utilize these spaces. Additional charges may apply for any group for damages and/or if extra clean-up is required. Please see Facility Usage Policies for complete details.

Non-Affliate groups will be charged $35 for 0-4hours, $75 for over 4 hours

Scheduling/Reservation Agreements

UCSD student organizations, staff, faculty, departments, and affiliates may schedule use of the Revelle Residence Life facilities by contacting our office.

All reservations are tentative until an event/room reservation form is completed, submitted, and confirmed. Revelle Residence Life reserves the right to make modifications to your reservation, including time and room.

Keys to access the conference rooms are available in the Revelle College Center (Blake Hall, 1st floor, North West corner) and may be picked up 15 minutes prior to the reservation. During weekends, keys may be picked up the night preceding the reservation between the hours of 8:00 - 9:00pm (special exceptions only).

The following are guidelines for scheduling reservations:


  • Fall quarter reservations may be made September 1st through finals week of fall quarter.
  • Winter Quarter reservations may be made December 1st through finals week of winter quarter.
  • Spring Quarter reservations may be made March 1st through finals week of spring quarter.
  • We do not accept summer resrvations as our conference rooms are turned over to Conference Services.
  • Reservations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the event.
  • At least 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of a reservation.
  • For all guidelines, please see "Facility Usage Policies."


  • Reservations can be made starting Monday, week 2, of every quarter.
  • Conference Rooms A, B, C cannot be reserved past 4PM.
  • Formal Lounge cannot be reserved past 6PM.
  • Reservations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the event.
  • At least 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of a reservation.
  • For all guidelines, please see "Facility Usage Policies."

Failure to meet these guidelines may result in revoked privileges to reserve space with Revelle Residence Life.

Facility Usage Policies

Use of Revelle Residence Life facilities requires adherence to all University and Revelle Residence Life Policies, including the policies on alcohol, candles, noise and smoking. For a copy of the Residential Life Policies, please visit the Revelle Residence Life website.

Users are responsible for their own set-up and take down. Return the facility to its original arrangement and condition. Move tables and stack chairs in their previous arrangements.

The custodial staff will only clean empty trash cans, and vacuum the carpet from Monday to Friday. They do not pick up trash on the tables, chairs, floors, etc. Please put wet/food items in the outside trashcans, located outside the conference rooms.

Events (including setup) may start no earlier than 9AM. Noise levels from events must end by 9PM. A reasonable noise level must be maintained at all times.


Your confirmed conference room reservation will contain information on keycard pick-up.

Should an emergency situation arise during an event, call (858) 534-HELP. You may also call the Resident Assistant on Duty at (858) 534-4545.

Groups reserving space are responsible for the behavior of their guests and members. It is understood that the organization promises and agrees to abide by University, as well as Revelle College Residence Life rules and regulations.

Cost for the facility covers the use of the room only. Additional charges may be applied for cleaning and/or damages.

Security problems will be brought to the immediate attention of the Resident Dean and/or Assistant Resident Deans. If in their assessment they deem personal and/or property threatened, they reserve the right to terminate the event.

Revelle Reslife Equipment Reservations

Hello All!

If you are in need of Revelle Reslife Equipment please follow the following guidelines.

Guidelines for reserving items:

1. Reservations can be made no earlier than 1 week in advance.
2. Same day reservations are not a guarantee. At the latest, you can reserve items by 10am the day before your weekday event.
3. For weekend programs, reservations MUST be made by 10am on that Friday.
4. You must receive an email confirmation as form of approval
5. Attached to the email will be a contract that must be signed and brought in when picking up the items.

Please read the email that is sent to you in detail of pickup and returning items specifics.

Usually, picking up your items: We will ask you to pick up your items at the Revelle Reslife Office (Blake Hall 1st floor Room 131). This will be during our office hours Monday -Friday 8am-12pm, 1pm-4pm.

Usually, returning your items: As far as returning the items we will instruct you to return them at the college center if its after hours

Other Notes:

1. Items should be returned no later than 8am the day following your reservation.
2. Any damages/missing items should be reported to the Program Assistant.

Reslife Equipment Form