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Classes and Enrollment

Which classes should I enroll in?

Use the following resources to determine your remaining graduation requirements:

What is the P/NP grading option?

Pass/Not Pass is a grading option that does not impact your GPA. A Pass grade is earned with a C- or better. Only 25% of your degree units can be taken P/NP. Check to be sure that taking the course P/NP will still fulfill the major, minor, or general education (GE) requirement you’re planning. Read more on TritonLink

What is a W grade?

A Withdraw grade is the result of dropping a course during a certain time period, and it does not affect your GPA. Visit this page for considerations before dropping a course. For more information about grading, visit the Exams, Grades, & Transcripts section of TritonLink.

How do I add/drop/waitlist a class?

Please visit the Undergraduate Enrollment section of TritonLink for information.

What is the course repeat policy?

If you earn a D, F, NP, U, or W grade, you may repeat the course a second time. If you earned a D or F, you cannot repeat the course P/NP. See more information at TritonLink: How to Repeat a Class. You will need College approval to enroll in a course for a third or more time.

If I repeat a class, does it improve my GPA?

The first 16 units of D, F, or NP grades that are repeated will be removed from your GPA*. The course must be repeated at UC San Diego. Your new grade will be calculated into your GPA and replace your D or F grade, but all grades will be recorded on your transcript. Once you exceed 16 units of repeated credit, all additional grades will be included in your GPA.

*If you earn a D, F, or NP grade due to an academic integrity violation, the grades for both the first and the repeated class apply to your GPA.

How do I get approval to take a course for the third time?

Submit a request to our Dean of Academic Advising through the VAC. List the course you wish to take and the quarter in which you wish to repeat it. You should include the reasons you were unsuccessful in the previous attempts and what steps you will take to pass the course if approved to repeat it. 

How do I take a leave of absence if I need to take time off?

If you are in good standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) you do not need to do anything academically to take time off. Simply do not enroll in classes. If you are enrolled, you will need to drop your courses and complete the withdrawal form if prompted. If you are an international student, you must contact ISPO for information about a Leave of Absence. If you have housing, financial aid, or other responsibilities on campus, please contact those areas.

If you have been absent for only 1 quarter, you are considered a continuing student and can register via WebReg. If you are absent for 2 or more quarters (excluding summer quarter) you will need to apply for Readmission when you return.

How many units can I sign up for?

You can enroll in up to 11.5 units during the first pass and 19.5 units during the second pass. On the first day of classes, the limit increases to 22 units, including wait-listed classes.

What is first pass and second pass?

First pass allows all students to register for two classes they want or need, before registration begins again for students to register for a full schedule during second pass. This system allows for students to more equitably register. See TritonLink or this short video for more information about enrollment.

Can I enroll part-time?

If you enroll in 10 or fewer units, you are part-time and do not need approval. In order to pay part-time tuition and fees, however, you must submit the part-time application by Friday of the 2nd week of the quarter. These are approved only in cases of caring for family, employment, medical circumstances, or students in their graduating quarter. If your application is not approved, you will pay full-time tuition and fees. 

How do I take more than 22 units?

Once classes begin, students may enroll in up to 22 units. For each Summer Session, the limit is 12 units. You may submit a request to exceed this enrollment limit via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy) starting the first day of classes. Approval is not guaranteed; your request will be reviewed based on your academic standing, GPA, and enrollment in previous quarters.