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Getting Help

How can I contact a Revelle College Advisor?

You can always contact us with questions through the Virtual Advising Center! During the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, we have drop-in advising every weekday.  To schedule an appointment for longer questions that will require 30 minutes, use our appointment request form

Can I meet with any Revelle Academic Counselor?

Our staff rotate drop-in advising duties, but you can request a specific counselor for an appointment.

What's the difference between department advisors and College advisors?

Revelle College academic counselors advise on general education (GE) requirements and university requirements. If you have general questions and aren’t sure where to start, contact us! Department advisors advise on major and minor requirements and are great resources for research, internships, and career questions. 

Can you help me with other resources?

Absolutely! Whether academic assistance, mental health, financial concerns, getting connected on campus, or something else - contact us and we can connect you with support.

Can you help me with pre-med requirements?

For questions about pre-health requirements, visit the Health Beat website and contact their advisors.