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Requirements for IGETC Transfer Students

Revelle College welcomes students who transfer to UC San Diego with IGETC certification. IGETC certification must be obtained prior to the start of classes at UC San Diego. Students admitted to UC San Diego as freshmen are not eligible for IGETC.

Revelle does not accept IGETC as satisfaction of all general education requirements. Completion of IGETC will satisfy the Humanities, Social Science, Fine Arts, and Language general education requirements. However, the following additional requirements must be completed, either before transfer or while enrolled at UC San Diego:

  • Revelle College Mathematics Requirement:
    • 2 semesters of Calculus; or
    • 1 quarter of Calculus (MATH 10A/20A) and 2 quarter courses from the approved list.
  • Revelle College Natural Science Requirement:
    Five courses, selected from the approved lists:
    • 1 course in Biology
    • 1 course in Chemistry
    • 1 course in Physics
    • 2 courses from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Environmental Sciences

NOTE: Effective Fall 2024: All incoming transfer students in Fall 2024 and after will be required to take HUM 100. They will need to complete four (not five) natural science courses. For more information, see the UCSD catalog.

In addition, students must complete all university graduation requirements: