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Dimensions of Wellness

Emotional/ Mental


Effectively coping with changes or difficulties through self-care, understanding and expression of feelings, stress reduction, and the development of inner resources to combat loneliness or isolation during times of challenge.

UCSD Emotional Mental Wellness Resources


2.pngThe spaces we navigate have lasting effects on our wellbeing as we consider who we share the space with and how safe we feel within it. Creating positive spaces to inhabit, acknowledging why spaces might create negative reactions, understanding that we navigate environments differently, and the sustainability efforts to conserve the natural spaces around us are part of environmental wellness.

UCSD Environmental Wellness Resources


5.pngUnderstanding finances as affecting one's well being and learning about debt management, loan information, future financial planning, and budgeting. Creating a sense of security by understanding resources available when.

UCSD Financial Wellness Resources



Just like the body, the mind needs continual exercise to enhance creative abilities, expand knowledge, critical thinking and decision making skills through stimulating mental activities and participation in new concepts and experiences.

UCSD Intellectual Wellness Resources


7.pngSatisfaction and enrichment from one's work and coping when career plans change. Wellness can be achieved by establishing work life balance, completing internship or volunteer work, choosing majors and careers aligned to passions, or making academic changes based on new career aspirations.

UCSD Occupational Wellness Resources



Recognizing the need for and engaging in healthy patterns of physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and regular medical attention in order to maintain a sound and healthy body.

UCSD Physical Wellness Resources



Ability to build healthy relationships and support networks through communication, engagement and involvement that foster a sense of belonging.

UCSD Social Wellness Resources


Developing a sense of purpose and values that guide ones decision making through life. Consistency in values  and beliefs can lead to a sense of harmony in an individual’s life.

 UCSD Spiritual Wellness Resources

Wellness Intersection


Acknowledging the many factors that affect one’s wellness including other dimensions of wellness, cultural context, socioeconomic status, access to wellness resources and knowledge, and others state of wellbeing.

UCSD Wellness Intersection Resources