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Discover Revelle

Where sciences, arts, and humanities join to inspire and educate well-rounded scholars

Revelle College is a community of over 5,000 UC San Diego undergraduate students who represent diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. At Revelle, students pursue academic excellence and explore research opportunities with support from eminent faculty, individualized student services, and world-class libraries. Outside the classroom students enjoy a wide array of community activities and services.


Revelle College offers students the opportunity to achieve an essential background in all major areas of learning as well as obtain essential tools to effectively and creatively pursue further study and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

In keeping with this philosophy, graduates from Revelle will have attained:

  • An acceptable level of general education in mathematics; foreign language; the physical, biological, and social sciences; the fine arts; the humanities
  • A pre-professional competence in an academic discipline - the major

Learning Objectives - Revelle College Academic Program

  • A familiarity with major examples of the literature, art, history, and philosophy that have influenced Western culture
  • An ability to effectively posit on issues through academic writing
  • An acquaintance with the basic principles of Calculus
  • An acquaintance with the rudimentary foundations of modern science
  • An ability to read simple material written in a foreign language
  • An acquaintance with the Social Sciences