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Humanities Minor

The Humanities minor consists of seven courses from the departments in the School of Arts and Humanities: History, Philosophy, Literature, Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre and Dance. The courses selected should be from at least two of the departments, five of which must be upper-division. Courses for the minor may be taken Pass/Not Pass. You may use two courses in the Humanities sequence (HUM 1-5) toward completion of the minor. Prospective Humanities minors should consult with the Humanities adviser for approval of their program. For a detailed description of the minor, see the course catalog.

is the humanities minor right for me?

Declaring Your Minor

To ensure your declaration is approved follow these steps:

  1. Review How to Declare a Minor 
  2. Use the minor declaration tool to declare your minor. The Humanities minor code is M023. 
  3. List seven courses in total; only two courses may be lower division. The remaining five courses must be upper-division. It is also possible to list seven upper-division courses. It's okay if you haven't taken all the courses or if you end up taking different courses.*

*Once you have an approved humanities minor, enroll and complete all courses as listed in your petition. If any course changes, please email for approval before enrolling in a new course. The advisor will modify your petition once the replacement course is approved.