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Advising Policies

What is minimum progress?

UC San Diego has an Academic Senate policy that students must complete 36 units in an academic year to maintain minimum progress. Failure to meet this can result in a hold on your account or academic disqualification. It often correlates with a loss of financial aid as well. Contact Revelle Advising - we can help! 

What is the Quarter Limit policy?

This Academic Senate policy applies to students who enter UC San Diego in Fall 2019 or after. Freshmen have 12 quarters to complete all requirements, while Transfers have 6 quarters. If you will need additional time to complete requirements, you will need to submit a completion plan. Contact Revelle Advising if you have concerns. 

What is the maximum unit limit?

This policy applies to students who entered UC San Diego before Fall 2019. It says students must finish all degree requirements within 200 quarter units. Engineering majors in Revelle and students with double majors are allowed a maximum of 240 units. If you need to register for additional units beyond these maximums, you will need to submit a Maximum Unit Limitation appeal form to Revelle Advising. Contact us if you have questions.