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Revelle Events & Traditions 

Welcome to Revelle College! Whether its spray-painting the anchor or making your own succulent plants, there is a multitude of events in Revelle for you to join in. So celebrate with the first and finest throughout the years as we continue making memories!

For more events, make sure to check out the Revelle Events Calendar on Tockify, follow our Instagram at @allthingsrevelle, and watch your UC San Diego email for updates and invitations to events!


Weekly Events

Revelle MondaysCampus-Life-8-UCSanDiego-AletheaGo-1.jpg

Every Monday morning, join Provost Yu, Revelle faculty, and UC San Diego community members in the Blake Commuter Lounge with free breakfast. Make sure to bring a friend (along with an empty stomach), and we look forward to seeing you there!



Every Monday afternoon, join Provost Yu and fellow Revellians with coffee, tea and cookies as featured guest speakers present their work and interests while answering any questions students may have.

Located in Galbraith Hall Suite 350 





Welcome WeekCampus-Life-8-UCSanDiego-AletheaGo-1.jpg

Revelle College Welcome Week is a series of introductory activities, special programs, and signature events at the start of each academic year to help new Revellians adjust to campus life at UC San Diego. From Trivia Nights and picnics, to free succulents and a trip to the San Diego Zoo, Revelle Welcome Week aspires to engage, inform, and welcome all students to the Triton community.


One of the longest running tradition at UC San Diego, students in each college vie for the coveted Golden Shoe during the UnOlympics. Compete in the crazy bat spin, an obstacle course, a balloon relay, and a dance off as the best college wins!



Lunar New Year Celebration

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with food, games, crafts, and performances! Previous activities have included polaroid photobooth, red envelopes, and free boba and Chinese donuts!




Spirit Week + Spirit Night  Campus-Life-8-UCSanDiego-AletheaGo-1.jpg

For over 25 years, Spirit Week has been celebrated with chalk, art, mini-games, and snacks as a lead up to Spirit Night, where all seven colleges come together and compete for the Cup of Cheer. Come join us as we celebrate what it means to be a Triton, and support our Triton basketball team as they compete against colleges throughout the nation!

Winter Welcome Back WeekCampus-Life-8-UCSanDiego-AletheaGo-1.jpg

Occurring during Week 1 of Winter Quarter, the Winter Welcome Back Week is a series of events to welcome students back from winter break. Whether its a Neon Night party with giveaways, or making crafts like mugs and mason jar snowglobes, come enjoy the seasonal spirit with some hot cocoa and "snow"!


Roger Revelle’s Birthday3DSC_3094_UCSanDiegoPublications_ErikJepsen.jpg

On the final Friday of the winter quarter, enjoy music, a barbeque lunch, and birthday cake at the Revelle Plaza in honor of our namesake, Roger Revelle.







Ready for a night of live music, games and photos? Located at the Revelle Plaza and organized by the Student-Initiated Programs of Revelle, Revellution is a large-scale concert event featuring arcade games, photobooths, and live music performances from various artists. Featuring previous artists like Magic Giant, Spencer Sutherland, and Grizfolk, be sure to check out Revelle's spring concert!

Watermelon Drop64DSC_7952-copy.jpg

Held on the last Friday of the spring quarter, a watermelon is dropped off the Urey Hall 7th floor in attempt to break the splatter record of 167 feet and 4 inches. A pageant is held to nominate a Revelle student as the Watermelon Royalty and given the honor of dropping the sacrificial melon. So come and watch, UCSD's oldest tradition marking the end of the school year with free watermelon and cake in Revelle Plaza!


UCSD Annual Events 

Sun God Festival

UCSD’s annual rite of spring features a day of concerts, food, and festival booths.

Student Events Insider

Check frequently for what's happening NOW and in the near future, across campus

UC San Diego Founder’s Day

The campus community comes together each November for Founder’s Day to honor the founding of the UC San Diego campus and the remarkable Tritons around the world who make this one of the top 10 public universities in the nation.


 Iconic Revelle Spots

The Revelle Plaza

Nestled in the center of the college and hosting the May 1970 Peace Memorial and the U.S. Flag, the Plaza has been the centerpiece of Revelle campus since its creation. Be sure to check it frequently for fun events and free swag, you can't miss it!

Want to Be Involved?

The Revelle Anchor

Located adjacent to the Fleet Residence Halls, the Anchor awaits its daily painting. One can pass by the Anchor every day and find a newly defined expression of life at Revelle depicted in colors, text, and event-related context. Get your gear ready for this sundown to sunup tradition!

Explore More!

Revelle Anchor

What Hath God Wrought

Part of the Stuart Collection, What Hath God Wrought is a 199 foot tall metal pole and stands next to the Revelle Plaza. It continuously spells out the famous first message Samuel Morse tested...

Meet The Artist!