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Congratulations Graduates ~ Commencement 2023!

See your commencement ceremony here:



Commencement Updates


Registration to Commencement Ceremonies is now closed. You can request a late registration exception for the Revelle College ceremony

Late registration request


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General Commencement Information

Find all official information and announcements about Commencement 2023 at

  • UC San Diego All-Campus Commencement Ceremony
    • Saturday, June 17, 2023
    • 8:15am - Processing of Graduates
    • 9:00am - Ceremony
    • At RIMAC Field
  • Revelle College's Ceremony
    • Sunday, June 18, 2023
    • 11:30am Ceremony ~ RIMAC Field
    • Time to be determined: Graduates Arrival

Commencement FAQs

Updates and information about Commencement 2022 can be found online at
Student registration and tickets - ~ Registration is now closed
Guest and Visitor details -
Faculty registration and regalia orders -
Transportation & Security -
Class of 2020 information - 
COVID-19 Requirements -
Past Ceremonies -
Am I eligible to participate in Commencement 2022?
If you meet the following criteria listed below, you are eligible to register and participate at Commencement 2022.
Registration for college commencements is open to eligible undergraduate students with 135 units by the end of winter 2022 who are completing their degree in fall 2021, winter 2022, spring 2022, summer 2022 or fall 2022. Students must be in good academic standing.
If you have questions about filing your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) or questions about your current academic standing you can contact your college or department’s Virtual Advising Center (VAC) which can be found online at My TritonLink: Tools
Can I participate in more than one ceremony?
Graduates have the choice and are encouraged to register for both All Campus Commencement and their College ceremony, but are not required to attend either.
Can I participate in more than one Commencement year? For example, can I attend my College and/or All Campus Commencement ceremony this year and again next year? Or, I attended last year, can I attend again this year?
Graduates may only participate during one Commencement year, the year they are eligible (see eligibility requirements above). But, are permitted and encouraged to attend both All Campus Commencement and their College ceremonies within that year.
Am I eligible to attend another College ceremony other than my “home” College ceremony?
Graduates are expected to attend their affiliated or home College ceremony; however, they may request an exception for consideration. See question below for details.
I need an exception; to attend another College’s ceremony or I don’t meet the eligibility requirements. What should I do?
You will need required documentation to support your request and in most cases pre-approval from your College. Go to for a list of exceptions considered by the Commencement committee. Exception requests will need to be submitted to for consideration by May 11 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
What is the difference between the All Campus Commencement and the College ceremony and do I need to register for both?
The registration process gives graduates the choice to participate in Commencement 2022 ceremonies; either your College ceremony, All Campus Commencement, or both.
At the College ceremony, you and your fellow College graduates’ names are read as you cross the stage. The College ceremonies are dedicated to that College’s graduating class and customized to deliver a unique College ceremony experience.
At the All Campus Commencement (ACC) ceremony, all-UC San Diego graduates may attend and see a keynote speaker where the Chancellor will confer degrees by academic division upon graduates gathered as one student body (names are not read at the ACC ceremony).
You and your guests are welcome to attend both, or one, if you prefer. They are both held at RIMAC Field the weekend of June 11-12.
You may register online between March 29 and May 18 at
Where do I register for the ceremonies?
Online at by the deadline of May 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
Is there a fee to register?
No, the $54 registration fee to attend your College and/or All Campus Commencement ceremonies was waived this year for all graduates. So, there is not a registration fee to attend.
Do I have to register to attend a ceremony?
Yes, to participate in Commencement 2022 you must register online at by May 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
What is the deadline to register for Commencement 2022 ceremonies?
May 18th at 11:59 p.m. PDT
I need help with my registration, who should I contact for support?
Or, I need to cancel my registration, who should I contact for support?
Email Registration and Yearbook Support at
Can I modify my registration?
Yes, through the deadline which is May 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Go to or to the link in your confirmation email after you successfully register.
I need help with my Yearbook profile, who should I contact for support?
Email Registration and Yearbook Support at
Can I modify my Yearbook details?
Yes, you can modify it through commencement weekend. Go to or to the link in your confirmation email.
I am a graduate and have VISA questions, inquiries about invitation letters, or other international travel specifics. Who should I contact?
Please contact the International Students & Programs Office (ISPO) at 
When will I receive my diploma?
Registering for Commencement is to attend ceremonies only, meaning it is separate from your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA). Visit the About Diplomas page on TritonLink for everything a graduate should know about their diploma. The Commencement Team does not handle inquiries involving a graduate’s DDA or any other diploma-related inquiries.
Do guests need tickets to attend Commencement ceremonies?
No, guests do not need tickets currently. Only graduates need tickets to attend.
Do graduates need tickets to attend Commencement ceremonies?
Yes, printed tickets are required for graduates to enter the ceremony location. If you register by the deadline, you will receive an email to download your Commencement 2022 ticket(s) on May 20. You can also access your ticket online after May 20 at
Why do I need to print my ticket?
You will need to keep your ticket until you cross the stage as your name is read by the name readers at your College ceremony. The name readers use your ticket to read and pronounce your name correctly, then give your ticket to the photographers so they can contact you with your photo proofs after the ceremony. Without a printed ticket, your name may not be read and you may not receive your photo proof. 
What name will be showcased during Commencement? For example, printed on my ticket, read as I cross the stage, and displayed on the screens during my College ceremony?
Your lived name will be listed. If you have not updated your first/middle legal name to your lived name then your legal name will be used. 
What if I lose my ticket?
You can reprint your ticket at one of the ceremony’s print stations, located near check-in (follow signs to re-print stations). Arrive early to ensure time for re-printing. Save your ticket after you enter the ceremony location, the photographers will need it during the ceremony.
Where can graduates and guests find a Commencement booklet?

Commencement booklets will not be distributed during the ceremonies. Graduates and guests can download a virtual booklet online at the day of their ceremony.
How do I get my name in the Commencement booklet?
You need to request your name to be included in the virtual booklet when you register for commencement by the deadline of May 1 at 11:59 p.m.
Does the list of names in the booklet serve as a proof of graduation or proof that a student graduated with honors?
No, the virtual booklet does not serve as a document of record or as proof of graduation, it is rather a keepsake or memento. The final degree will be awarded based on all completed course work and university requirements. Candidates for Latin Honors for 2021-22 will be determined by graded units and grade point average at the time of filing. Final honors will be awarded based on all completed courses and grades.
Is there a limit to the number of guests I can bring with me to the ceremonies?
No, there is not a limit currently. 
Can my guests sit with me at Commencement?
Graduates will be seated together in the designated Graduate section and guests will be seated in a section designed for graduates’ families and friends.
Where can guests purchase gifts?
Online at UC San Diego Bookstore Or at the Bookstore through Commencement weekend.
Where can guests purchase floral bouquets and leis?
Leis, bouquets, and t-shirts will be sold at Commencement. However, preorders for pickup before the ceremony are encouraged so participating students can wear leis onstage and in pictures. Order directly online at or at
Is regalia (a cap, tassel and gown) required? 
Yes, official UC San Diego regalia; cap, gown and tassels are required for graduates and faculty/platform party members. Graduates can purchase regalia online at Or purchase in-person at the Bookstore.
What is the deadline for graduates to order regalia?
Order online by May 18 for delivery by Commencement weekend. Order online by May 30 for pick-up at the Bookstore. Or, order in-person at the Bookstore through Commencement weekend. Here is the online order link -
Is there a Grad Fair?
Yes, the Grad Fair is May 3-5 from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Town Square. You can pick-up regalia here and find other celebratory Commencement items for purchase.
I lost or forgot to order my regalia, what do I do?
You can purchase regalia at the UC San Diego Bookstore through Commencement weekend. Check the website for hours of operation. If you lose regalia at the ceremony you can go to the Help Deck located near the entrance or to the Bookstore tent located on RIMAC Field after you check-in.
What are the COVID-19 Health and Safety Requirements to attend Commencement 2022
The health and safety of guests and graduates is our top priority. To ensure a safe experience for all, please consider the following:
  • All participants should be fully vaccinated or have had a negative COVID-19 test result within 24 hours prior to the ceremony, however it is not required. Testing with UC San Diego specifically is not also not required.
  • Guests may be required to complete a symptom screening upon entry.
  • Masking is strongly recommended, particularly in areas where distancing is not possible or large crowds are present.
Where can I find recent COVID-19 Requirements?
Monthly updates, as applicable, can be found online at
March 29 – Registration opens and regalia becomes available
April 27 - Faculty registration and regalia order deadline
April 29 - Application deadline for All Campus Commencement Student Keynote Speaker and National Anthem Singer. Check College websites or watch for newsletters with details regarding College ceremony speakers and national anthem ceremonies.
May 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT – Graduate deadline to register, modify registration, and order regalia online for delivery by June 10
May 11 at 11:59 p.m. PDT – Last day to submit exception requests (to participate in another college’s ceremony or unit exception)
May 20 – Ticket printing opens (email communication will be sent to registered graduates
June 10-12 – Commencement Weekend
I graduated in 2020 and would like to learn more about the Class of 2020 Commencement and register. What should I do?
Go to for the latest updates and registration details.
Can the Class of 2020 attend Commencement 2022 ceremonies?
The Class of 2020 is not eligible to attend Commencement 2022 ceremonies; however, they will be honored with a Commencement ceremony and reception on June 10, 2022 at RIMAC Field. Go to for the latest updates and registration details.
I have not received any information about the Class of 2020 Commencement and Reception. Who should I contact?
Please contact

Day Of Ceremony Details

What do I need to bring with me to commencement ceremonies, as a registered graduate?
  • Printed registration ticket (required)
  • Valid UCSD Student ID card or other valid ID card (required)
  • Regalia (required)
  • Smartphone or printed copy to show your current self-screener clearance or “green thumb.” (required)
  • Recommended: Sunscreen, reusable water bottle, comfortable shoes, and a smartphone (recommended)
What time is check-in for the Ceremonies?
Check-in is an hour prior to the start time for College ceremonies and All Campus Commencement, and 30 minutes for Graduate Division, GPS, and Rady ceremonies
Where do graduates and guests check-in, and what happens here?
  • Students check-in at the designated check-in location printed on their ticket.
  • For College ceremonies, check-in is located at Lot P357.
  • For GPS, Rady, and Graduate Division ceremonies, check-in is located on Ridgewalk by RIMAC Arena.
Allow time to wait in line for symptom screenings and security checks upon entry; all bags will be thoroughly searched.
After the security check, graduates and guests will continue to the check-in location where the graduate’s printed ticket will be scanned to participate.
Graduates need to hold onto their ticket throughout the ceremony because it will be scanned again on the field, to display their name on the screens as their name is read and they cross the stage.
How long are the ceremonies?
Each ceremony is scheduled for 100 minutes but may be as long as 2-hours.
What accommodations will be available for students/guests needing special assistance?
  • Disabled parking will be available near the ceremony locations and a shuttle service will be made available.
  • The University does not provide wheelchairs.
  • There will be seating for guests needing special assistance; however, accommodations are first-come-first-serve. Please arrive early if you need special assistance.
  • Closed captioning will be available on the screens.
  • There will be seats dedicated to graduates and guests who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Service animals specifically trained to assist a person with a disability are welcome. No other animals are allowed.
If a guest or graduate cannot attend a ceremony, can they watch a live broadcast?
Yes, a live broadcast/livestream will be available at 
Are pets allowed?
No pets allowed. Service animals specifically trained to assist a person with a disability are welcome.
Will there be a professional photographer taking photos during the ceremony? If so, how are photos ordered after Commencement?
Yes, Grad Images will take photos of graduates during the ceremony. Graduates will receive a text message or email to the phone number or email address they provided during registration, with a link to access their photo proofs. Orders should be placed within two to three weeks upon receipt of the text or email to ensure the fastest shipping time. For additional information, visit the company's website:   
Are parking permits needed for graduates and guests during Commencement weekend?
  • No parking permits are needed. Follow all event signage and directions of traffic management staff for access to the best available parking or drop off locations.
  • Carpooling, ride-sharing, or using public transportation is recommended.
  • Additional information is available online at
Where are restrooms located?
Portable toilets and hand washing stations are available on the RIMAC Field and RIMAC Arena. Additional restrooms will be in the Economics Building, Sequoyah Hall, Division of Social Sciences building, and the RIMAC Annex facility.
Will there be food, drinks, and water available for purchase at the ceremony site?
Water will be available to graduates, guests, and faculty. Additional food and beverage may also be available for purchase.
Where is Lost & Found?
Lost & found items should be given to any security officer. Items will be turned over to Campus Police on Monday, June 13. Lost & Found phone number: (858)534-4361.

Am I eligible for Commencement?

Undergraduate students must meet the standard commencement participation requirement of having at least 135 units completed by the beginning of spring quarter. Graduating seniors may check with their college to determine commencement participation and eligibility.

Revelle College does not make exceptions to the minimum 135 units. 

Can I modify or change my commencement ticket after I've registered?

Contact to request changes after completing your Virtual Registration at 

I want to change my legal/official name (first/middle/last). What do I do?

You need to contact the Office of the Registrar Academic Records immediately to request an official name change. Request for Change or Correction of Name form and more information can be hound HERE

Official name changes must be requested and completed by Academic Records by May 19 for registration tickets. Academic Records is able to update a student's name change within 7 business days after receiving your paperwork. 

Once the official name is updated, it immediately refreshes the commencement registration system. Note that official name change is for last names. A student cannot change their last name with the Social Identities Tool.


Congratulations to those of you who are preparing to graduate in June 2022. Please CLICK HERE for Graduation FAQs.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Revelle College Advising Office through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) or by calling 858-534-3490.

Latin Honors Criteria

College honors are awarded according to the top 14% standard adopted by the Academic Senate. The GPA range changes each academic year. To be eligible for honors, a student must receive letter grades for at least 72 quarter units of course work at a UC campus.

When will I receive my diploma?

  • Diplomas are available 3-6 months after the end of the quarter in which the student graduates. Undergraduate and Graduate diplomas are mailed directly to the permanent mailing address on record in TritonLink. Diplomas will bear the student’s official name exactly as stated on their UC San Diego academic record.
  • You will receive a UC San Diego diploma upon successful completion of the university and degree requirements, as long as a Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) was properly submitted to their college before the end of their final quarter.
  • Multiple degrees are listed on one diploma. Minors are not listed on diplomas.
  • If a diploma is not received by the end of the time allowed, contact Academic Records, at (858) 534-3144.