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Majors / Minors

How do I declare/change my major or add a minor?

Use the Major/Minor tool on TritonLink to declare or change your major. Please visit the Majors/Minors section of TritonLink for more information.

What is a Capped Major?

A capped major is one that limits enrollment. Students not admitted into these majors when they enter UC San Diego need to apply for these majors. See more information on TritonLink and visit the major’s department website.

Can I double-major?

To declare a double major, students need a minimum 2.0 GPA and must submit the Double Major petition to Revelle Advising. You should contact advising in both major departments about requirements and allowable overlap between the majors. For more information, see TritonLink.

Where can I find information about a specific major or minor?

Each department has its own website and a section in the UC San Diego General Catalog. You can also see a template of each major on

I am undecided about my major. What should I do?

It is okay to be undeclared! You just need to declare a major by the time you reach 90 units. Use your general education to explore topics that may interest you. The Career Center has many resources to help you explore majors and career options - schedule an appointment! Revelle Advising is also available to help you.