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Res Life Services

College Center Services

Event Sign-ups

Revelle Residence Life as well as Revelle Hall Association host large events that sometimes require students to sign-up or pay a deposit ahead of time. Check out fliers on upcoming events and look for sign-up lists at the front desk of the College Center.


Locked Out?

During the following hours, please go to the College Center to check out a lock-out key:

  • Weekdays 10:00am-9:00pm
  • Saturday 12:00pm-4:00pm
  • Sunday   6:00pm-9:00pm

During the following hours, please call the RA on duty at (858) 534-4545:

  • Saturday 9:00am-12:00 noon, 4:00pm-9:00pm
  • Sunday 9:00am-6pm

During the following hours, please UCSD Police at (858) 534-4357:

  • Weekdays 9:00pm-8:00am
  • Weekends 9:00pm-9:00am

During the following hours, please Call the Revelle Reslife Office at (858) 534-3025

  • Weekdays 8:00am-10am

*Please note that each student receives three free lock-outs per academic year. After the third lockout, students will be charged $10 per each subsequent lock-out.

Lost and Found

Items lost in the residence halls or apartments are turned in to the College Center. After one week those items are then sent to the Campus Police (Lost and Found) located in the Campus Service Complex, Building B.

Piano Rooms

Revelle Residence Life operates two piano practice rooms on the first floor of Argo. These practice rooms are for Revelle residents only.  Keys are available for checkout at the College Center.


Vacuums are available for checkout for an hour for free in the College Center.

Mail and Parcels

Post Office Boxes

You will receive a post office box number and combination when you check into the residence halls or apartments. All mail should be addressed to:

Student's Name
9450 Gilman Drive #7xxxx
La Jolla, CA 92092

Residence hall and apartment post office boxes are located on the first floor of Argo Hall.

Parcel Pickup

Parcels are delivered through Main Campus Mail. An email will be sent to your UCSD email address instructing you to pick up your parcel in the Revelle College mail room.

Maintenance and Custodial Services


The bathrooms and public areas are be cleaned regularly in the residence halls and weekly in the apartments. The cleanliness of your room and apartment is your responsibility. Vacuum cleaners are available from the Revelle Residence Life office.


Washers and dryers are located on each floor of Blake and Argo, on the first floors of the Fleet residence halls, and on each floor of the west bar in the Keeling Apartments. Triton Cash is the only method of payment accepted for laundry. For your own protection, do not leave laundry unattended for any length of time. If you discover a malfunctioning machine, place an "Out of order" sign on it and contact Customer Service at 858-534-2600.  


Request maintenance for your room or apartment. For emergencies call (858)534-2600 24-hours a day. For non-emergencies submit an online “Fix-It” request at: Please report serious or emergency problems immediately.