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Prospective StudentsWelcome, Prospective Students!

The first of UC San Diego's seven colleges, Revelle College was named in honor of Roger Revelle, one of the founding fathers of the university. Revelle College has a tightly structured general education curriculum, internationally recognized faculty, and exceptional students.

UC San Diego College System

The UC San Diego College System provides you with the advantages of a small liberal arts college and the resources of a large research university. You'll receive individualized attention from your college in the areas of academic advising, campus and residential life, leadership opportunities, and student government and organizations.

Each college has its own general education requirements, programmatic theme, campus environment, and student life, and comprises students from all majors. When you apply to UC San Diego, you will be asked on the application to rank the seven colleges in order of preference. We hope you'll choose Revelle!

Scholastic Opportunities

Revelle College has a tightly structured curriculum, internationally recognized faculty, and exceptional students. General education courses introduce you to the founding principles of the college, provide a broad humanities, social science, and science background, and arm you with the skills necessary to pursue any departmental or interdisciplinary major. Many Revelle students complete double majors and/or minors, work on research projects, and graduate with university honors. Learn more about academics at Revelle.

Vibrant Student Life

At Revelle College, the traditional classroom experience is only part of the educational process. We encourage you to enhance your college experience and gain valuable leadership skills by participating in student organizations, mentoring and leadership programs, and more. The college's annual traditions include the Revellution Concert, Watermelon Drop, painting the Revelle Anchor, and celebrating Roger Revelle’s birthday. The variety of social, cultural, service, and educational activities offered by Student Affairs and Residence Life makes the Revelle community an engaged and exciting place to live and learn.
Learn more about student life at Revelle.

Dynamic Residence Life

First-year Revelle students are housed in a cluster of eight multi-story residence hall buildings. Suites of rooms are arranged to promote social interaction among residents. Campus dining options, study spaces, as well as computers located in the commuter-student lounge and the College Center in Blake Hall provide easy access for student needs. Each year, Revelle Residence Life provided over 500 programs for residents including an annual trip to Disneyland, karaoke nights, cultural awareness events, and study breaks. A community-wide programming committee for the residence halls and apartments offers you a range of opportunities while living at Revelle, and we encourage you to get involved.
Learn more about residence life at Revelle.