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Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Steps

Revelle College values all majors and wants a robust student population of diverse academic backgrounds!

We recognize for some transfer students, Revelle’s general education curriculum requires additional math and science courses. In a case where a student’s time to degree will be shortened by transferring to another UC San Diego College, the student can apply through the Inter-College Transfer (ICT) process.

Your admission to Revelle College is based upon how you ranked the Colleges when you applied to UC San Diego. The Admissions office will not change your College upon acceptance.

If you are interested in exploring Inter-College Transfer to another College, please read below to make sure you are eligible. ICT is an exception and is not guaranteed. Even if you are eligible, other Colleges are not required to admit you, as they may have enrollment limitations. You may only apply to one College during the application process. It is your responsibility to research the College you want.

Muir College, Eleanor Roosevelt College, and Seventh College are not accepting ICT applications.

Due to limited advising capacity, Revelle College cannot meet individually with students to discuss changing Colleges until students have completed the below steps.

Watch this video for more information about inter-college transfer (originally recorded as part of National Transfer Student Week in fall 2020).

Step 1: Confirm you are Eligible*

Can you graduate two quarters earlier?

Students are only eligible for ICT if they can demonstrate they will graduate two quarters earlier at the intended College. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Do you meet the criteria?

  1. You must have a cumulative UC San Diego GPA of 2.5 or higher with a quarter GPA of 2.0 or higher in the application term.
  2. You must have completed HUM 1 and HUM 2 (or be enrolled in HUM 2) at the time of application. Transfer students can use previously-taken English composition courses.
  3. You must have earned fewer than 135 units if admitted to UC San Diego as a first-year student, or fewer than 150 units if admitted as a transfer student.
  4. Download the ICT application to read all requirements. 

Step 2: Plan for the Deadline

Are you within the application period?

  1. Plan ahead to apply by the end of Week 4 of the Winter or Spring term. NO ICT APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED IN THE FALL QUARTER.
  2. If you entered UC San Diego as a first-year student, the earliest you may apply is during your third quarter (during Spring, to be admitted for the following Fall).
  3. If you entered UC San Diego as a transfer student, the earliest you may apply is during your second quarter (during Winter, to be admitted for Spring).

Step 3: Develop Quarter-by-Quarter Plans

If you meet all of the above conditions, you need to develop two accurate quarter-by-quarter plans as part of your application. 

  1. Create a personalized copy of the Quarter-by-Quarter Planning Sheet for Revelle College, and another copy for the intended College. These two versions need to show you can graduate two quarters sooner at the intended College.
    1. Review your degree auditfor remaining major requirements.
    2. These plans must show equal units per quarter (for example: If you plan 12 units in the Fall quarter in Revelle, you must plan 12 units in the intended College - not 16 or 20. If you do not plan to take Summer classes in Revelle, you cannot plan for Summer classes in the intended College.
    3. Visit to see templates of requirements for the College and major you are interested in.
    4. Visit the website of the College to understand which College-specific requirements you will need.
  2. Meet with your major department advisor to verify your required major coursework on your planning sheet.
  3. Minor coursework must also be accurately planned (if applicable).

Step 4: Write Statement & Complete ICT Application

  1. Download the ICT application and complete all fields. 
  2. Write your personal statement.

Step 5: Meet with Revelle Advising for Approval


Schedule an appointment with an academic counselor at Revelle College before the end of the 4th week of winter or spring quarters to have them sign the Revelle portion of the form. After scheduling, you must email your application materials to the advisor at least 24 hours before your appointment (to assist with the counselor’s preparation for the appointment).  Revelle Advising can only confirm the Revelle quarter-by-quarter plan.

Step 6: Submit Application and Await Decision

Submit your application to your proposed new College before the end of the 4th week of winter or spring quarters. Acceptance is not guaranteed, even if you meet eligibility requirements.
*Not eligible for ICT? Connect with Revelle Advising to discuss your options for how to complete Revelle requirements. We are here to help!