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La Jolla Project aka StonehengeRevelle College Venues

Consider Revelle College for your next event! Situated in the southwest area of the UC San Diego campus, Revelle College is home to two large gathering spaces. Student organization events, weddings, anniversaries, farewell gatherings - make memories at Revelle!

La Jolla Project, also known as Stonehenge at Revelle

Richard Fleischner work with the elements of nature brought him to complete the La Jolla Project in 1984. The Project is the third work in the Stuart Collection, and is located on the Revelle College lawn south of Galbraith Hall. "Seventy-one blocks of pink and gray granite are arranged in configurations that refer to architectural vocabulary: posts, lintels, columns, arches, windows, doorways, and thresholds. Like players on a field or game pieces (Fleischner made a series of small gamelike sculptures in the late sixties), these elements transform an ordinary, nearly flat lawn into a space with allusions ranging from an ancient ruin to the contemporary construction site. Fleischner's work is always determined by the topography of a site, its spatial relationships, and the distinctive ways people move through and around it. What is most important for him is to interpret and essentialize a place by using minimal means to delineate natural lines and boundaries, while establishing an interplay of horizontal and vertical elements. There is no single way to experience La Jolla Project - it generates a complex set of spatial and historical relationships which invigorate and give meaning to the formerly undefined area it occupies." ~ The Stuart Collection. Learn more here.

Revelle Plaza

Revelle Plaza enjoys the legacy of being the center of the original UC San Diego campus, and now Revelle College, the first of six undergraduate colleges at the large research university. In the late sixties, Revelle Plaza was a gathering place for many protests. The Revelle Fountain, cornerstone of the Plaza, was donated by Pacific Southwest Airlines in 1965. The Plaza continues to be the primary gathering space for students, alumni, staff, and faculty of Revelle College.