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Revelle College Faculty

All faculty members appointed in UC San Diego undergraduate departments are affiliated with one of the seven undergraduate colleges. Revelle College faculty members represent all of the academic divisions at UC San Diego. The faculty is represented by an elected Chair of the Faculty and a four-member Executive Committee that advise the Provost, take action on academic policies and other matters of concern to the faculty, and appoint other faculty committees as needed.

Welcome New Faculty

Faculty Governance

Revelle College Executive Committee

  • Eric Watkins, Professor of Philosophy ~ Chair of the Faculty
  • James Kadonaga, Molecular Biology
  • Lisa McDonnell, Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Gareth Nellis, Hb, Political Science
  • Alex Orailoglu, Computer Science & Engineering

Academic Senate Representative Assembly - Revelle College Representatives

  • Marc Muendler, Delegate
  • Gulcin Pekkurnaz, Delegate
  • Stephanie Richards, Alternate Delegate
  • Olivia Graeve, Alternate Delegate

For a complete list of Revelle Faculty, visit the faculty directory