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Revelle College Unolympics

Revelle College Unolympics

Welcome all new students. We are in the process of reconstructing your orientation experience for Fall 2020. In light of the ongoing changes due to COVID-19, we will wait to unveil some details to ensure accurate information. We are excited to build a fun, interactive, safe, and informative orientation experience for everyone, including those who will be with us on campus and those starting remotely. We will be in contact with new students via email when this website relaunches with updated information. We can't wait to meet you!

Welcome to Revelle College!

Congratulations on joining Revelle! Our transfer, first-year, and parent & family orientations ensure a smooth transition as you prepare for the undergraduate experience at UC San Diego. Learn how as a Revelle student you'll flex your intellectual agility, emerge as a scholar and campus leader, and engage in research and service to tackle the world's most complex problems. Revelle leads the way, and you are now part of that journey. In other words, welcome!

Visit your page below for details and to prepare your visit to your new community.

First-Year Student Orientation

Transfer Orientation

Parent & Family Orientation

Please note that orientation is mandatory for all new students. We are committed to supporting your transition and believe the opportunities of orientation prepare our students for success. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at .

Information for International Students

Attention International students and International families

All new International students (including transfer students from other U.S. schools) must sign up for and attend TWO orientations:

  1. Revelle College First-Year Orientation OR Revelle College Transfer Orientation (selection depends on your new student status)
  2. International Student Orientation Workshops and Webinars offered by the International Students and Programs Office

The International Students and Programs Office in collaboration with the Parent and Family Programs office offer an optional International Parent and Family Orientation program for parents as well.