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Revelle College Council (RCC)

RCC Board 2021-2022

Revelle College Council (RCC) is Revelle’s student governing body. Duties of the council include providing oversight for Revelle's student activities fee, promoting student organizations and events, and providing a means for Revelle students to get involved.


For more information, contact Diana Al Dikka, at

Constitution & Bylaws


Interested in what your Student Government is doing? Check out the official meeting minutes from the weekly Council Meetings.


Past Council Minutes

Finance & Budget

The Revelle College Council creates, approves, and manages a quarterly budget. If you have questions about RCC's finances/budget, please contact Mick Salazar, RCC Vice President - Finance, at

RCC Finance Committee Meetings: Finance Committee meetings are held every Tuesday at 8:00pm (PST) via Zoom during the SP 2021 quarter.

To attend a meeting, click on the following link: 

Finance Forms

2021-2022 Council Members

President: Michelle Salazar,

Vice President – Administration: Diana Al Dikka,

Vice President – Internal: Sophia Correa, rccvicepresident@ucsd.ed

Vice President– Finance: Iffat Alam,

Vice President– External: Andrew Shen,

Director of Student Involvement: Dereck Garcia, 

Director of Spirit and Events: VACANT, 

Director of Student Services: VACANT,

A.S. Senator: Alan Apte

A.S. Senator: Rachel Lau

4th Year Representative: Alexandra Babakanian

3rd Year Representative: Kim Lim

2nd Year Representative: Kathleen Nguyen

1st Year Representative: Rin Lee

1st Year Representative: VACANT

Commuter Representative: VACANT

Residential Representative: Yanzhe Liu

International Representative: VACANT

Out of State Representative: Anika Florin

Transfer Representative: VACANT

Transfer Representative: VACANT

Revelle Resident Assistant Representative (Ex-Officio): Chloe Marsh

Revelle Judicial Board (Ex-Officio): Gurman Dhaliwal

A.S. Concerts & Events Representative (Ex-Officio): VACANT

Environmental Justice Advocate (Ex-Officio): VACANT

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advocate (Ex-Officio): VACANT

Basic Needs Advocate (Ex-Officio): Taixin Wei

HDH Advisory Committee Representative (Ex-Officio): Alan Apte

Library Student Advisory Council Representative (Ex-Officio): VACANT

Recreation Facilities Advisory Board Representative (Ex-Officio): Tasnia Sharia

Sustainability Advocate (Ex-Officio): Anna McSorely

Civic Engagement Office Representative (Ex-Officio): Rachel Lau

Student Fee Advisory Committee Representative (Ex-Officio): Chase Hickey

University Centers Advisory Board Representative (Ex-Officio): Amberine Kabir

Wellbeing Cluster Student Advisory Board Representative (Ex-Officio): Kim Lim

Advisor (Ex-Officio): Sherry Mallory,

Advisor (Ex-Officio): Grace Bagunu,

Campus Representatives

Library Student Advisory Council (LSAC) Representative
The Library Student Advisory Council serves to facilitate communication between students and the Library, and to convey student needs, concerns, and priorities to the Library. In addition, they: provide advice and feedback on library policies and services; provide ideas and input on the design and implementation of new library services; seek to improve the student experience within library spaces; provide insight into student study, research, and library use habits; and communicate information about library services and resources to the student community.


On-Campus Housing, Dining, and Hospitality Advisory Committee
This is a policy-recommending group that is advisory to the Vice Chancellor for External and Business Affairs. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Vice Chancellor on policies, contracts, budgets, rates, and levels of service for on-campus residence halls, single undergraduate apartments, and dining services contiguous to the colleges.

RCC Rep: Alan Apte

Student Organized Voter Access Committee (SOVAC)
The Student Organized Voter Access Committee is a non-partisan student organization which seeks to increase voter registration rates within the UCSD community, facilitate a positive discussion about voting, and encourage student voter turnout. SOVAC performs these services by being the primary representative for voter registration on the UCSD campus, holding informational workshops, executing a non-partisan advertising campaign, and collaborating with a variety of student groups.

RCC Rep: Rachel Lau

Recreation Facilities Advisory Board
The Recreation Facilities Advisory Board (RFAB) is the principal advisory committee on sports facilities and related policies at UC San Diego. RFAB operates under this charter with the approval of the Chancellor, the Associated Students, and the Graduate Student Association. RFAB is charged by the Chancellor and given the responsibility of ensuring that the sports facilities have the emphases, breadth, and coordination to complement optimally the philosophy, missions, and goals of the University.

RCC Rep: Tasnia Sharia

Student Conduct Standards Group
The Student Conduct Standards Group is tasked with assisting the Office of Student Conduct in an annual review of potential changes to the UC San Diego Student Conduct Code; participating in a complete review of the UC San Diego Student Conduct Regulations; and reviewing, requesting feedback from constituents, and commenting upon proposed changes to the University of California System Policies applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (PACAOS).


Student Fee Advisory Committee
The UCSD Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is charged with evaluating Student Fee Funded Units and making recommendations on allocations of the Student Fees. Furthermore, SFAC's duty is to ensure that the proposed Student Fee uses are in the best interests of the University and its students, and in compliance with existing policies and guidelines.

RCC Rep: Chase Hickey

University Centers Advisory Board
The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) is a student majority board chaired by a student whose purpose is to assure the University Centers (Price Center and Student Center) will achieve its mission and be a unifying force among students, faculty and staff for social, cultural intellectual activities, and services, and to provide opportunities to broaden interpersonal relationships and self-enhancement within a large university.

RCC Rep: Amberine Kabir

Well-Being Cluster Student Advisory Board
The Well-Being Cluster Student Advisory Board (WCSAB) provides guidance to the Executive Director of Student Health and Well-Being, and the directors of the departments within the cluster which include: Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services, Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Resource Center and the Zone. The WCSAB helps to ensure that the health and well-being needs of UC San Diego students are identified and met, and their interests are represented in the development of policies, programs and services that support their health and well-being. The WCSAB helps to set future direction of health and well-being services including reviewing fees and providing input in the negotiations of the UC system-wide Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP).

RCC Rep: Kim Lim

RCC Services & Initiatives

The Humanities Book Lending Program (HBLP)
HBLP is an initiative to ensure the academic success of every student. Funded through the Revelle College Council, this program provides books for students who could not otherwise afford to purchase them. Students who are interested in participating in HBLP only have to go to the College Center located in Blake Hall with a valid UC San Diego ID. Students may borrow up to 3 books for a total of 24 hours. If you run out of time while conducting independent critical assessments, just call the College Center at (858) 534-4545 for a time extension. Keep a tragedy from happening and help other Revelle Students succeed in the Humanities sequence! Come by the College Center and donate your old books to the program.  

Revelle College Rental Program
Revelle College Council is pleased to offer new student services, including the Revelle College Rental Program! This offers the opportunity for students to borrow board games and chairs for 24 hours in exchange for their PID and contact information at the College Center desk at the bottom of Blake Hall. 

Questions or concerns? Contact the Director of Student Services at