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Peer Advisors 2023-2024


Making an impact in so many ways...

  • Provide drop-in and virtual academic advising to Revelle College students: help students with course selection, enrollment questions, exploring majors, and accessing UCSD resources
  • Create, plan, and implement advising programs and workshops
  • Share tips for students through The Peer Review
  • Communicate information through Facebook and Twitter
  • Serve as ambassadors
  • Assist with outreach efforts
  • Have fun!

We all look forward to meeting you and working with you toward your success throughout your experience here at Revelle!

Peer Advising: We're Here to Help!


  • Mary Dias (she/her/hers)

    Mary Dias (she/her/hers)

    MajorCognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience
    Concord, CA

    My Favorite Revelle GE:

    My favorite Revelle GE is the fine arts requirement! I have never considered myself an artistic person, so this one scared me a little bit. I ended up taking TDGE 25 Public Speaking and it was my absolute favorite class. I worked so much on my confidence, speaking skills, and I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone. As a class, we worked in groups with really cool people, and I got to write and deliver speeches about things I really care about. It was definitely refreshing to be in a class where I knew everyone’s name, and I looked forward to talking with my TA. In general, this GE allows for self expression and exploration, which is one of many takeaways I had from this class. 

    What I Like About Revelle:

    I am a huge Revelle fan, first and finest forever! I have met the most amazing friends, staff, and faculty here who have been so supportive and caring. I love how accessible all of the administration is and how we can build close relationships with those around us. I have met some of my best friends through Revelle exclusive programs, like the Revelle College Emerging Leaders Program, which has given me so many opportunities to grow alongside my friends. Revelle really makes UCSD feel like a small, close-knit community. 

  • Madelyn McAndrew (she/her)

    Madelyn McAndrew (she/her)

    MajorEducation Sciences
    Corona, CA

    My Favorite Revelle GE:

    My favorite Revelle GEs are PHIL 10 and HUM 5. I took PHIL 10 to fulfill my math GE requirement and it was one of the most interesting classes I've taken at UCSD! We learned how to use philosophical logic in math contexts, something I didn't know existed before taking this course. I have also been able to use what I've learned in that class in some of my social science classes! Even though the HUM series gets a lot of hate in the Revelle community, I really enjoyed HUM 5 with Professor Rodriguez. We learned about recent authors and works that are relevant to our lives today. I also had a great TA who helped me understand and perfect my HUM essays!

    What I Like About Revelle:

    I love Revelle because of the people and connections I've made through this college! The Revelle community is so supportive and the friends I've made have helped make my college experience, whether they're people I've lived with or people I've met in classes. The Revelle staff and resources are super eager to help students, which I value greatly in Revelle! Although the GEs have given Revelle an infamous reputation at UCSD, I've grown to appreciate some of them as they've allowed me to meet more Revelle students and learn about subjects I was clueless about before. My favorite aspect about Revelle is how much effort the students and staff put in to make a strong and connected community!

  • Elise Murray (she/her/hers)

    Elise Murray (she/her/hers)

    Woodland Hills, CA

    My Favorite Revelle GE:

    My favorite Revelle GE would probably be the fine arts requirement. Most people at UCSD are STEM majors, and most of the classes they take will end up being in science and math. I feel like the fine art requirement for Revelle gives students a chance to take a fun class and explore a discipline they might not be exposed to usually. It creates a more balanced schedule for them and allows them time to delve into the arts while still maintaining their STEM-based major classes. I really enjoyed the art history class I took for the requirement and definitely value the things I learned in it.

    What I Like About Revelle:

    My favorite thing about Revelle is probably the community. Everyone is so welcoming and nice, and I love going to Rogers market or walking between the buildings and running into people I know. The Revelle pride is strong too, which makes the community even closer. I also love the sunsets from the top of the Keeling apartments, they’re always stunning and definitely the best hidden gem in Revelle.

  • Tanvi Nareddula (they/them)

    Tanvi Nareddula (they/them)

    Major: Psychology - Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
    Hometown: San Diego, CA / Bangalore, India 

    My Favorite Requirement:

    My favorite university requirement is the DEI requirement. I took ANTH 21, Race and Racisms, in which I learned so much about the nuances of racial identities. I think that this GE is a great way to expand your understanding of society and work towards creating inclusive environments. 

    What I Like About Revelle:

    I like the inclusive and open atmosphere of the Revelle community. I am motivated by each and every student here for their passion and dedication. I love the fact that I was welcomed and acknowledged for all of my identities, and I am proud to be part of Revelle.

  • Jason Rocker (he/him)

    Jason Rocker (he/him)

    Sanger, CA

    My Favorite Revelle GE:

    Among the various GE courses offered at Revelle College, the Natural Science requirement is by far my favorite. This requirement allows you to step out of your comfort zone and take classes outside of the major you are pursuing. My favorite class I have taken within this requirement was SIO 3: Life in the Oceans!! Through this experience, I gained a profound understanding of the marine ecosystems that thrive beneath the waves and learned about the diverse array of marine life that inhabits our oceans.

    What I Like About Revelle:

    One aspect of Revelle College that I appreciate the most is its strong sense of community and belonging. Regardless of the interactions I may come across, the individuals within Revelle are always so supportive and encouraging of the students around, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. I am proud to be part of Revelle and its community in one of the most fascinating colleges I call home, UC San Diego. GO TRITONS!!