Peer Advisors

Welcome to Revelle College! 

Peer Advisors 2016-17

Making an impact in so many ways...

  • Provide walk-in and virtual academic advising to Revelle College students:  help students with course selection, enrollment questions, exploring majors, and accessing UCSD resources
  • Create, plan and implement advising programs and workshops
  • Share tips for students through The Peer Review
  • Communicate information through Facebook and Twitter
  • Serve as an ambassador
  • Assist with outreach efforts
  • Have fun!

Welcome to Revelle College!

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Triton Day 2017, Revelle College

Peer Video:  Finding Revelle College

  • Cheryl Demeyer

    Cheryl Demeyer

    Major: Communication
    Inorganic Chemistry and Theatre Arts
    :  Danville, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Natural Science requirement. Especially since its revision in 2016, the requirement allows a lot of flexibility in exploring biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. As a social science major, the breadth of GE requirements gives me a variety in coursework. The Natural Science requirement led to my decision to pursue a minor in chemistry, simply because I like the subject and challenge.

    One of my favorite things about Revelle is our sense of community. Throughout my time at UCSD, I have truly found a home. Revelle is full of driven students and passionate leaders, and I find myself constantly being inspired by my friends and co-workers. My peers have a pride in our college and a sense of camaraderie in finishing all of our GEs.

  • Monica Dutta

    Monica Dutta

    Major: Public Health
    :  San Diego, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE requirement is the Humanities sequence. Taking the Humanities sequence helped me develop into a confident writer, which is a skill that is absolutely necessary for college and beyond. In addition, the Humanities sequence challenged me to think critically and really pushed me to understand how to analyze texts and form arguments.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is the community aspect. Revelle always has some sort of event happening each week, and each event is very inclusive. There is almost always an opportunity to get free food!

  • Juliann Li

    Juliann Li

    Major: Clinical Psychology
    Human Development
    :  San Diego, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite GE is the Humanities series! These classes have been one of my favorites, and I have learned so much about literature, history, writing, and philosophy. I've also met inspiring and dedicated faculty through this program, who have influenced my time here greatly and also offered helpful advice these past few years. The HUM requirement may seem scary, but it's definitely not if you make the effort. I've taken away a lot from these classes, and Humanities has definitely been one of the most rewarding experiences so far at UCSD! 

    I love the sense of community that Revelle has. First years, commuters, transfers, non-Revelle students--anyone is welcome here, and everyone is friendly and inviting to each other. It fills my heart with happiness to see the friendships and connections being made here. The kindness I've seen is something that pushes me to be a better person every day. 

  • Brody Patterson

    Brody Patterson

    Major: History
    :  Merced, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE requirement is the Mathematics sequence. While rigorous, the Mathematics requirement has helped me immensely in both my academic and non-academic life here at UCSD. Calculus courses along with a statistics course have made me a more well-rounded student, encompassing Revelle’s mission of creating a Renaissance scholar. In my non-academic work, having knowledge of higher level mathematics has given me a distinct advantage over other students in my field, making me truly grateful that I am both a Renaissance scholar and a Revellian.

    One of my favorite things about my experience at Revelle has been the diverse group of people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with every day. Although most other students at Revelle have completely different interests and backgrounds than I do, that is something I have come to appreciate during my time here. As a non-STEM student I have been exposed to many new ways of thinking during my time at Revelle, which is an experience I do not feel I would have had anywhere else. I am confident that the diversity in Revelle has not only made me a stronger and more determined person, but I am confident that it has also yielded many lifelong friendships.

  • Michelle Shin

    Michelle Shin

    Major: Political Science-International Relations
    :  Fullerton, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite GE Requirement is the Humanities sequence. It has allowed me to hone my writing skills and to develop my thoughts and opinions into cohesive arguments. It was also interesting to read influential pieces of literature and learn about how different philosophies and values have affected past and current societies.

    My favorite thing about Revelle College is that it feels like home within the larger UCSD community. There are so many different organizations and opportunities within Revelle alone that offer so many avenues of growth to its students. Revelle has so many different programs and activities for one to explore their interests and find their niche in UCSD.

  • Alexandra (Alex) Vargas

    Alexandra (Alex) Vargas

    Major: General Biology
    :  Yorba Linda, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    I love the fine arts requirement! I think that it is such an important component of the Renaissance scholar; it balances out the hard sciences and math by exercising the right brain. The versatility of the fine arts requirement is what I particularly adore. I love to paint and draw and have been doing dip pen and brush calligraphy since I was a kid, but for my fine arts requirement, I did Gospel Choir, which was a big step out of the box for me. My voice had been previously reserved for the shower and road trips, but it was such a fun way of exploring new mediums of art and new parts of myself!

    Honestly, it’s the people. I feel so grateful and honored to have worked with such genuine and talented individuals who have very honestly changed my life. Revellians have been my mentors, advisors and friends, guiding and teaching me how to be a stronger, kinder, and happier individual.

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