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Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors 2018-2019

Making an impact in so many ways...

  • Provide walk-in and virtual academic advising to Revelle College students:  help students with course selection, enrollment questions, exploring majors, and accessing UCSD resources
  • Create, plan, and implement advising programs and workshops
  • Share tips for students through The Peer Review
  • Communicate information through Facebook and Twitter
  • Serve as ambassadors
  • Assist with outreach efforts
  • Have fun!

We all look forward to meeting you and working with you toward your success throughout your experience here at Revelle!

Peer Advising: We're Here to Help!

Triton Day 2017: Revelle College

Peer Video: Finding Revelle College

  • Jack Albright

    Jack Albright

    Major: Chemical Engineering
    General Biology (Microbiology), Environmental Systems
    : Los Angeles, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite GE requirement would certainly be the Humanities sequence. Although the workload can be challenging at times, I have found the classes to be enlightening. The discussion that each Humanities course generates coerces students to think about human nature and life itself in ways that may not be obvious. More so, seeing how human ideology adapts and changes as centuries pass is not only interesting on its own, but important to understand in a world where societies can change in the blink of an eye. Overall, this sequence has helped me become a better writer and a better thinker.

    The best part about Revelle is the students. Although we all have our own unique personalities, Revelle has a collective mindset of being the best person you can be. The students of Revelle are passionate, and the achievements and perseverance that they show motivate you to be an exceptional Renaissance person!


  • Elizabeth Bottenberg

    Elizabeth Bottenberg

    Major: Human Biology
    :  Stockton, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE has to be Humanities! I loved travelling in time through these courses, and learning about the great thinkers back then. I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad and complete Humanities 3 and 4 in Rome! It was such a surreal experience to be dining in Machiavelli's house where he was exiled in Florence while reading his novel The Prince! I appreciate how the Humanities sequence is a creative blend of history, critical thinking, and challenge.

    My favorite part about Revelle is our emphasis on leadership. Revelle's community is such a special place to me because everyone has an inner drive to pursue initiatives that they know are for a greater purpose beyond themselves. You won't be able to find the most dedicated RAs, OLs, or staff anywhere on campus other than in Revelle. I know that because I am motivated by my Revellian peers every single day! 

  • Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee

    Major: Cognitive Science with Specialization in Human Cognition
    :  Stockton, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    The social science requirement is my favorite Revelle GE because it allows you to take a course you would normally never consider, to add variety to your coursework. Also, since I believe each subject requires its own way of thinking; taking a social science class also influenced how I think and how I perceive the world. Further, it exposed me to views that I would never know existed, opening up the door to a whole new topic of conversation.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is the people and the tone they set for Revelle as a whole. There are so many people from so many different locations with so many different interests that all get along so well in Revelle. This makes Revelle feel so inviting and truly like a second home, to the point where I have gotten homesick from not being in Revelle enough.

  • Stephanie Pineda

    Stephanie Pineda

    Major: Human Biology
    :  Escondido, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Natural Science requirement, go biology! I believe this requirement truly reflects how well-rounded Revelle students are since it allows students to explore a broad range of environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics throughout their time here at UCSD. The best part is that, as a Human Biology major, my major requirements and the Natural Science requirements overlap significantly to lighten my course work and allow me to explore other classes at UC San Diego.

    The sense of community Revelle has to offer is like no other. The pride of being a part of the “first and finest” college is shared among Revellians and reflects how passionate we all are about our home away from home. You constantly find yourself surrounded by some of the most inspirational and driven students that you cannot help but thrive off their energy as well! Revelle has not only helped me establish myself academically, but has also helped me find myself and shape myself into the person I am today-a Revellian.

  • Phillip Truong

    Phillip Truong

    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    : Stockton, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE would be the Mathematics requirement. Although it is very demanding, going through the Mathematics requirement helped me a lot due to it being applicable in my academics along with real life! Learning calculus is very essential and it can be applied in so many ways whether you’re an engineering major or a business major! Adding mathematics into Revelle's wide variety of general education requirements allows for everyone to succeed in Revelle College's mission on producing the ideal Renaissance Scholar.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is the people. Revelle GE’s are more structured than other colleges, so you’re bound to take some classes in the same sequence with other Revellians. It’s such a great space to make lifelong friends! Everyone studies and works hard together. Being surrounded by such an amazing group of people made the transition from high school to college during my first year of college very enjoyable!

  • Cheryl Wang

    Cheryl Wang

    Major: Physiology & Neuroscience
     Psychology & Dance
    :  San Jose, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Natural Science requirement. Although they were difficult courses for me, I found the content very intriguing. Learning about the processes that occur in my body was fascinating and made me appreciate the complexity of the human body.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is the people. Along with making college feel like a home away from home, I am always inspired by everyone. They constantly push me to do better and motivate me to keep reaching for my goal.

  • Jessica Wong

    Jessica Wong

    Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology
    Global Health
    : Arcadia, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the social science requirement. This requirement allowed me to explore courses outside my major and really expand my knowledge on topics I did not know much about before. I also feel that the social science requirement enables students to learn to think more critically about societal issues and explore different viewpoints about the world.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is honestly all the people in it. Everyone works hard to make Revelle such an inclusive and welcoming community, which I definitely feel it is! The students are all so incredibly warm-hearted and hardworking it drives me to be more motivated but also to never forget to be kind and grateful to everyone around me.