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Peer Advisors 2021-2022

Making an impact in so many ways...

  • Provide drop-in and virtual academic advising to Revelle College students: help students with course selection, enrollment questions, exploring majors, and accessing UCSD resources
  • Create, plan, and implement advising programs and workshops
  • Share tips for students through The Peer Review
  • Communicate information through Facebook and Twitter
  • Serve as ambassadors
  • Assist with outreach efforts
  • Have fun!

We all look forward to meeting you and working with you toward your success throughout your experience here at Revelle!

Peer Advising: We're Here to Help!

Triton Day 2020: Revelle College

Peer Video: Finding Revelle College

  • Andrew Brawders

    Andrew Brawders

    Major: Neurobiology
    :  Simi Valley CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Fine Arts requirement. Through this requirement I learned how many talented people there are outside of the sciences and how rigorous these courses can be. I took VIS 41 which taught me the intricacies of design and typeface, which was very interesting. I would like to tell anyone in Revelle, that is not an art major, that the Fine Arts requirement is something to look forward to because this is an opportunity to expand your horizons.

    My favorite part about Revelle is the people. Everyone here is very welcoming, no matter if you are a first-year or a transfer. There are a variety of opportunities presented in Revelle for your career or college life, and through these opportunities you become more involved in the Revelle community. In this community you can meet an assortment of people of different cultures, ideals, race, etc. I honestly love it, as I always like meeting new and different people.

  • Vivian Lin

    Vivian Lin

    Major: Linguistics (Cognition and Language), International Business
    :  San Jose CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Natural Science requirement! I was able to take some really cool classes outside of the scope of my normal major classes and they were all so intriguing and exciting. One of my favorite classes I’ve taken at UCSD so far was PHYS 5, Stars and Black Holes, which I chose as one of my Natural Science classes. I loved this class because we got to talk about outer space and how our solar system came to be, how black holes are formed what would happen if you ever fell into one. This class made me feel so small but so in awe of the world that we live in.

    My favorite part about Revelle is definitely the people. All the people I meet in Revelle are so driven and ambitious and supportive of one another. You really get a sense that everyone wants to see you succeed. I loved making Roger’s runs in the mornings and studying late into the night at Galbraith with my friends. Being a Revelle student is like being in such a friendly and warm community and I really love being a part of it.

  • Caroline Mackey

    Caroline Mackey

    Major: Human Biology 
    Hometown: San Diego, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Fine Arts requirement. For this requirement, I was able to take an introduction to photography class during the fall quarter of my first year. I really enjoyed learning about the different styles of photography through time, as well as being able to produce my own photo series for projects. Overall, it was such a great opportunity to explore a topic so different from my major, and it helped me look at things from a new perspective.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is that it truly feels like a home on campus. I am constantly surrounded by staff members who support and encourage our goals, as well as peers who never fail to inspire me with their passion and involvement in UC San Diego and beyond. I am so grateful to be in a community that truly is the first and finest!

  • Bianca Poveda

    Bianca Poveda

    Major: Anthropology (Sociocultural concentration)
    Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
    What I Like About Revelle:

    My favorite Revelle GE would have to be the Humanities series. The material itself is very interesting and can take you into a whole new world ranging from the Gods of Olympus to the life of a Spanish Conquistador. The professors are super engaging and amazing people to talk to. The discussion sections are the best part of the Humanities series because you tend to see familiar faces which makes it easier to make friends!

    My favorite part of Revelle College is the community. The college itself has so many clubs and organizations which makes it easier to build a home away from home. Without the unique OL program that Revelle College provides or the academic advising team, I would not be the same person that I am today. All I can say it that we are definitely the first and the finest!

  • Phillip Truong

    Phillip Truong

    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    : Stockton, CA
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE would be the Mathematics requirement. Although it is very demanding, going through the Mathematics requirement helped me a lot due to it being applicable in my academics along with real life! Learning calculus is very essential and it can be applied in so many ways whether you’re an engineering major or a business major! Adding mathematics into Revelle's wide variety of general education requirements allows for everyone to succeed in Revelle College's mission on producing the ideal Renaissance Scholar.

    My favorite thing about Revelle is the people. Revelle GE’s are more structured than other colleges, so you’re bound to take some classes in the same sequence with other Revellians. It’s such a great space to make lifelong friends! Everyone studies and works hard together. Being surrounded by such an amazing group of people made the transition from high school to college during my first year of college very enjoyable!

  • Pawee Akkharachotmongkhol

    Pawee Akkharachotmongkhol

    Major: General Biology 
    : Burbank, CA / Bangkok, Thailand 
    What I Like About Revelle

    My favorite Revelle GE is the Fine Arts requirement because there are so many fun classes that a student can take to fulfill this requirement. For this requirement, I took MUS 13 which allowed me to explore various types of Latin music. I found this class extremely interesting because not only did I get to learn about music that I was not often exposed to, but I also learned about the different cultures that the music originated from. I really enjoyed learning about a topic that is outside of the scope of my major. 

    My favorite part of Revelle College is the community! Everyone here is always so supportive and encouraging. Revelle has really became a home away from home and I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people I have met here!