Emerging Leaders Program 


Are you interested in developing your leadership skills and becoming active in student life and organizations at Revelle College and UC San Diego? If so, the Revelle College Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) may be for you. ELP provides an opportunity for a group of Revelle community members to develop their understanding of leadership skills and gain practical leadership experience. ELP accepts a select group of students each year. These students will participate in the program throughout the entire academic year, Tuesdays 2:00pm to 4:00pm, in addition to other commitments required of program participants.

Only students willing to commit for the entire year should apply. Applicants are selected based upon their motivation and commitment to becoming involved in leadership at Revelle College. Communication and the ability to work well with others are also very important. No leadership experience necessary.

Mission Statement

The Emerging Leaders Program aims to guide, challenge, and inspire the development of leadership skills through experiential, direct, and reflective learning.

Program Goals

  • Equip ELP members with basic leadership skills and provide experiential learning opportunities where they can use these skills to enact change within their communities.
  • Facilitate connections between ELP members, student leaders, and staff members to build community.
  • Introduce the concept of equity-minded leadership and identify current issues.
  • Encourage holistic personal growth and identity development through various aspects of the program.

These goals are achieved through workshops and other commitments. The workshops are presented by various University staff, faculty, community leaders, and the ELP Leadership Team. The sessions are interactive and involve discussions as well as experiential learning activities.

The format used engages students through interactive workshops that focus on personal and professional growth and development, thought-provoking dialogue, and team building activities. Some of the topics covered in the workshops include:

  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Ethical decision making
  • Career preparation
  • Mock job interviews
  • Cover letters and resumes
  • Conflict resolution
  • Project management
  • Equity-minded leadership

Learning Outcomes

1. By participating in the program, students will be able to report an increased knowledge and understanding of basic leadership skills.

2. By interacting in small‐ and large‐group settings and by being exposed to networking opportunities, students will be able to report an increased number of personal and professional relationships with student leaders, peers, and key University staff members.

3. By engaging in workshops, film discussions, and reflective learning opportunities, students will be able to report an increased knowledge of the concept of equity‐minded leadership. Students will also be able to report at least one way that they can use their knowledge of equity‐minded leadership to enact change in their community.

4. By engaging in workshops that focus on leadership styles, identity models, and reflective learning, students will be able to report an increased knowledge and understanding of their own identity.

Leadership Team

2018-2019 Leadership Team 



Chris Villalobos, Peer Mentor

Chris Villalobos  


Kyra Rivette, Peer Mentor



Sarah Bender-Resnik, Peer Mentor



Sierra Crenshaw, Peer Mentor




Maricela Cano, Workshop Coordinator



Natalie Romero, Workshop Coordinator



Blake Civello, Engagement & Assessment Coordinator



Kirstin Pianalto, Program Manager



Melina M. Remesha, Director

Melina M. Remesha, Director 

Questions? Contact Melina M. Remesha, Coordinator of Student Activities and ELP Director, at melina@ucsd.edu or 858-534-1580