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Things to Consider Before Dropping an Individual Course for a "W" (Withdrawal) Grade

  • Talk to your instructor about your grade and what you would need to do to successfully complete the course.
  • What grade do you need to earn to receive credit and complete the intended requirement? This varies based on whether the course is a GE, major, minor, university requirement, or elective. Contact advising at with questions.
  • A “W” grade does not impact your GPA. 
  • You can only withdraw from a specific course one time, per Academic Senate regulation 500.F.3, unless you withdraw from the entire quarter.
  • If you need to repeat the course after dropping it, you can usually register again. However, if you have previously earned a D/F/NP grade twice or more in the same course, you will need to petition to Revelle College at for permission to enroll another time. This approval is not guaranteed.
  • Students need to complete 36 units each academic year in order to meet Minimum Progress. Failure to meet minimum progress can result in negative impact to your financial aid and possible disqualification from UC San Diego.

Tuition: There will be no tuition adjustment or refund for an individual course dropped for a W grade.

Financial Aid: If you receive financial aid, speak with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships about possible impacts on your Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Housing: If you have concerns about remaining in on-campus housing if you fall below 12 units, please contact Revelle College Residence Life office

International Students: You must get approval to take fewer than 12 units due to visa requirements.  Contact the International Students and Programs Office

Student Athletes: Talk to your athletics advisor before dropping below 12 units due to NCAA eligibility requirements.


  • For guidance about how to drop a class, visit TritonLink
  • The above information relates to dropping an individual course. For information about withdrawing from all courses in a single quarter, please visit TritonLink here.