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Humanities 4 - Winter 2022 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days and times for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

Synchronous lectures and all discussion sections will meet at their scheduled times. All lectures will be recorded to ensure access by students irrespective of the time zone they are studying from.

Professor Todd Kontje: Humanities 4 A00
Section  Teaching Assistant
A01 Tatiana Zavodny
A02 Tatiana Zavodny
A03 Jerry Christodoulatos
A04 Jerry Christodoulatos
A07 Matt Hall
A08 Matt Hall
Professor Eric Watkins: Humanities 4 B00
Section  Teaching Assistant
B01 Savannah Scott
B02 Savannah Scott
B05 Russell Peck
B06 Russell Peck
B07 Ruseell Peck
B08 Andy Sin
B09 Savannah Scott
B10 Savannah Scott
B11 Andy Sin
Professor Geoffrey West: Humanities 4 C00
Section  Teaching Assistant
C01 Anser Abbas
C02 Anser Abbas
C03 Alexandra Parker
C04 Alexandra Parker
C05 Csaba Olasz
C06 Csaba Olasz
C07 Min Heo
C08 Min Heo