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Humanities 1 - Winter 2022 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days, times, and room locations for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

Synchronous lectures and all discussion sections will meet at their scheduled times. All lectures will be recorded to ensure access by students irrespective of the time zone they are studying from.

Professor Denise Demetriou: Humanities 1 A00
Section  Teaching Assistant
A01 Townsend Montilla
A02 Townsend Montilla
A03 Miguel Sanchez Morquecho
A04 Miguel Sanchez Morquecho
A05 Nile de Jonge
A06 Nile de Jonge
A08 Tyler Bouwens
A09 Tyler Bouwens
Professor Kristina Markman: Humanities 1 B00
Section  Teaching Assistant
B01 Dafna Mark Ben Shabat
B02 Dafna Mark Ben Shabat
B03 Alec Whitson
B04 Alec Whitson
B05 Andrew O'Clancy
B06 Andrew O'Clancy
B07 Jonathan Martin
B08 Jonathan Martin
B09 Amelia Campbell
B10 Amelia Campbell
B11 Shivam Chawla
B12 Shivam Chawla
B13 Kaleb Laun
B14 Kaleb Laun
B17 Stephanie Violette
B18 Stephanie Violette
B19 Siddhartha Krishnan
B20 Siddhartha Krishnan
B21 Jonathan Martin
B22 Jonathan Martin
STAFF: Humanities 1 C00
Section Teaching Assistant
C03 Louis Santoro
C04 Louis Santoro
C05 Zosia Sztykowski
C06 Zosia Sztykowski
C07 Kirstyn Hom
C08 Kirstyn Hom
C11 Sean Canzone
C12 Sean Canzone
C13 Huadian Liu
C14 Huadian Liu
C15 Suzanne Dunai
C16 Suzanne Dunai
C17 Scott Lancaster
C18 Scott Lancaster
C21 Suzanne Dunai
C22 Suzanne Dunai
Professor Antony Lyon: Humanities 1 D00
Section Teaching Assistant
D01 Matthew Crum
D03 Matthew Crum
D04 Matthew Crum
D05 Nicholas Stillman
D06 Nicholas Stillman
D07 Aaron Finley
D08 Aaron Finley
D09 Daniel Arcand
D10 Daniel Arcand
D11 Lorenzo Nericcio
D12 Lorenzo Nericcio
D13 Max Edwards
D14 Max Edwards
D15 John Kinney
D16 John Kinney
D17 Nicholas Stillman
D18 Nicholas Stillman
D19 Moses Headley
D20 Moses Headley
D21 Jamie Marvin
D22 Jamie Marvin
D23 Aaron Finley
D25 Dev Gulati
D26 Dev Gulati