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Humanities 3. Renaissance, Reformation, and Early Modern Europe

Fall 2023 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days, times, and room locations for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

A00 Zavodny

Professor Tatiana Zavodny: Humanities 3 A00

Section  Teaching Assistant
A01 John Kinney
A02 John Kinney
A03 John Kinney
A05 Scott Thiele
A06 Scott Thiele
A08 Scott Thiele

B00 West

Professor Geoffrey West: Humanities 3 B00

Section  Teaching Assistant
B01 Jonathan Martin
B02 Jonathan Martin
B05 Jonathan Martin
B06 Amber Orozco-Reese
B07 Amber Orozco-Reese
B08 Amber Orozco-Reese
B09 Matt Crum
B10 Matt Crum

C00 Rodriguez

Professor Bretton Rodriguez: Humanities 3 C00

Section Teaching Assistant
C01 Csaba Olasz
C02 Csaba Olasz
C03 Riley Wilson
C04 Riley Wilson
C05 Alessandro Seide
C06 Alessandro Seide
C07 Kasandra Balsis
C08 Kasandra Balsis

D00 Lyon

Professor Antony Lyon: Humanities 3 D00

Section Teaching Assistant
D01 Russell Peck
D02 Russell Peck
D03 Stevie Violette
D04 Stevie Violette
D05 Ning Zhang
D06 Ning Zhang
D07 Kevin Westerfeld
D08 Kevin Westerfeld

What Will I Read?

After engaging with works from the classical and medieval periods, HUM 3 brings in a variety of texts that reflect the birth of news ideas and perspectives during the Renaissance as well as the shock of encounters between Europe and the Americas. Some core texts that are often taught are:

  • Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition
  • Michel de Montaigne, The Essays
  • William Shakespeare, The Tempest
  • Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Selected Writings 
  • John Milton, Paradise Lost