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Humanities 3 - Fall 2021 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days, times, and room Locations for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

 ID Section  Teaching Assistant
050885 A01 Csaba Olasz
050886 A02 Csaba Olasz
050887 A03 Savannah Scott
050888 A04 Savannah Scott
050889 A05 Anser Abbas
050890 A06 Anser Abbas
050891 A07 Blythe Greene
050892 A08 Blythe Greene
Professor Geoffrey West: Humanities 3 B00
 ID Section  Teaching Assistant
050894 B01 Amelia Campbell
050895 B02 Amelia Campbell
050896 B03 Matthew Hall
050897 B04 Matthew Hall
050898 B05 Nicholas Stillman
050899 B06 Nicholas Stillman
050900 B07 Viona Deconinck
050901 B08 Viona Deconinck
Professor Tatiana Zavodny: Humanities 3 C00
ID Section Teaching Assistant
050903 C01 Andy Sin
050904 C02 Andy Sin
050905 C03 Matthew Crum
050906 C04 Matthew Crum
050907 C05 Alexandra Parker
050908 C06 Alexandra Parker
050909 C07 Jonathan Martin
050910 C08 Jonathan Martin
Professor Kristina Markman: Humanities 3 D00
ID Section Teaching Assistant
050912 D01 Dorothy Howard
050913 D02 Dorothy Howard
050918 D07 Jamie Marvin
050919 D08 Jamie Marvin
050920 D09 Min Heo
050921 D10 Min Heo
050922 D11 Jerry Christodoulatos
050923 D12 Jerry Christodoulatos