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Humanities 2. Rome, Christianity, and the Middle Ages

Spring 2024 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days, times, and room locations for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

A00 Watts

Professor Edward Watts: Humanities 2 A00
Section  Teaching Assistant
A01 Chengfan Zhou
A02 Chengfan Zhou
A03 Elena De Leo
A04 Elena De Leo
A05 Vrutik Shah
A06 Vrutik Shah
A07 Sam Delorme
A08 Sam Delorme
A09 Kevin Westerfeld
A10 Kevin Westerfeld

B00 Markman

Section  Teaching Assistant
B01 Kas Balsis
B02 Kas Balsis
B03 Tyler Bouwens
B04 Tyler Bouwens
B05 Kas Balsis
B06 Kas Balsis
B07 Kelly Morrow
B08 Kelly Morrow
B09 Achyuth Esthuri
B10 Achyuth Esthuri
B11 Subin Park
B12 Subin Park

C00 Rodriguez

Section  Teaching Assistant
C01 Emily Windham
C02 Emily Windham
C03 Amber Orozco-Reese
C04 Amber Orozco-Reese
C05 Emily Windham
C06 Scott Thiele
C07 Bailey Sneed
C08 Bailey Sneed
C09 Amber Orozco-Reese
C10 Amber Orozco-Reese
C11 Scott Thiele
C12 Scott Thiele
C13 Faron Ray
C14 Faron Ray

D00 West

Professor Geoffrey West: Humanities 2 D00
Section  Teaching Assistant
D01 Alessandro Seide
D02 Alessandro Seide
D03 Alessandro Seide
D04 Alessandro Seide
D05 Soumi Chakraborty
D06 Soumi Chakraborty
D07 Matt Crum
D08 Matt Crum
D09 Jonathan Martin
D10 Jonathan Martin
D11 David Aguila
D12 David Aguila
D13 Jonathan Martin
D14 Jonathan Martin
D15 Matt Crum

What Will I Read?

In HUM 2, we begin to see how the ideas of the Ancient Mediterranean (HUM 1) spread and merged with other traditions, particularly from the north and the east. As HUM 2 explores the development of Western culture from the Roman Empire through the late Middle Ages, a time period that roughly covers fourteen centuries, booklists vary widely. Some commonly taught texts include:

    • Vergil, Aeneid
    • Gospel of Mark
    • Rumi, Selected Poetry
    • Beowulf 
    • Dante Aligheri, Divine Comedy