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Humanities 5. Modern Culture

Spring 2024 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days and times for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

A00 Lyon

Professor Antony Lyon: Humanities 5 A00

Section  Teaching Assistant
A01 Tatiana Zavodny
A02 Tatiana Zavodny
A03 Russell Peck
A04 Russell Peck
A05 Tatiana Zavodny
A06 Tatiana Zavodny
A07 Russell Peck
A08 Russell Peck
A09 Stevie Violette
A10 Stevie Violette

B00 Patterson

Professor Patrick Patterson: Humanities 5 B00

Section  Teaching Assistant
B01 Riley Wilson
B02 Riley Wilson
B03 John Kinney
B04 John Kinney
B05 John Kinney
B06 John Kinney
B07 Csaba Olasz
B08 Csaba Olasz

C00 Caldwell

Professor Michael Caldwell: Humanities 5 C00

Section  Teaching Assistant
C01 Alec Whitson
C02 Alec Whitson
C03 Ning Zhang
C04 Ning Zhang
C05 Alec Whitson
C06 Alec Whitson
C07 Jerry Christodoulatos
C08 Jerry Christodoulatos

What Will I Read?

No two booklists for HUM 5 resemble each other because there are many paths through the last century and a half to the present. The core texts listed here are examples of texts that have recently been taught:

  • Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto
  • Virginia Woolf, A Room With a View
  • WEB DuBois, The Souls of Black Folks
  • James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time
  • Ada Limón, The Hurting Kind