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Revelle Global Seminars

Revelle in Rome

Study the revival of classical culture and the place of human beings in the world, as you experience Rome and Florence. Rome--the eternal city and caput mundi (world capital)--will provide the backdrop for study of the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the discovery adn conquest of the Americas, and the birth of the scientific method. Fulfills HUM 3 and HUM 4 or 5 requirement. Learn more about Revelle in Rome.

Revelle in Edinburgh

Often referred to as “the Athens of the North” because of its rich intellectual tradition in the arts, humanities, and sciences, Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom after London. Robert Louis Stevenson, a native son, wrote: “Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be.” Fulfills HUM 4 and HUM 3 or 5 requirement. Learn more about Revelle in Edinburgh.

Revelle in Madrid

Spain is a vibrant country with beautiful weather and an especially rich cultural history. Visitors will find not only world-class museums and historical sites, but also world-class sports teams all over the country. The Mediterranean food and lifestyle are impossible to beat. Fulfills HUM 3 and HUM 4 or 5 requirement. Learn more about Revelle in Madrid.

Revelle in London

London is a site of extraordinary cultural and historical importance for the three key periods and themes of Humanities 3: the Renaissance, the Reformation, and Early Modern Europe. Several of the required texts for the Humanities course arise from the work of English writers during the course period (Shakespeare, Marlowe, Hobbes, Milton). See the richness and complexity of British multiculturalism—with its attendant controversies, debates, and problems—right outside their doorsteps on a daily basis. Fulfills HUM 3. HITO 156GS may be used towards the university Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion requirement. Learn more about Revelle in London.

UC San Diego Study Abroad Programs 

Are you ready to add an exciting adventure to your UC San Diego academic journey?

  • Research available programs and locations
  • Make sure credits you take abroad will fit into your UC San Diego academic requirements
  • Explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Prepare for the challenges of adapting to living overseas

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Scholarship Application

The Revelle College Global Seminars and Study Abroad Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship open to Revelle College students attending UC San Diego full-time in good academic standing. Students must have completed HUM 1 or HUM 2 by the end of the Spring quarter (or the equivalent course if a Transfer student). Individual awards typically range from $500 to $1,000. Learn more.

The Triton Research and Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS) Study Abroad Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for students attending UC San Diego full-time in good academic standing; individual awards are set at $3,000 ($1000/quarter, max 3 quarters).


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