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Transfer Course Information

Enrolling in Classes Outside UC San Diego

Revelle students may enroll in classes outside UCSD to fulfill general education requirements. For questions regarding courses used to fulfill major requirements, please consult your major advisor.

Units, Grades, and GPA Credit

All units earned for UC-transferable courses will be counted towards graduation. Students may transfer a maximum of 105 lower-division quarter units to UC San Diego from other institutions.

  • 1 semester credits = 1.5 quarter units.
  • Courses from other UC campuses will be factored into your UCSD GPA.
  • Courses taken outside of the UC system will not be factored into your UCSD GPA.
  • Courses taken at UC San Diego Extended Studies are not included in your UCSD GPA. Contact the Admissions Office to verify UC-transferability.

How to find approved GE courses at a community college provides lists of course equivalencies between community colleges and UCSD. To select courses appropriate for GE credit, carefully review the Revelle College GE requirements to determine which courses may be used for each requirement. Then, use to search for community college equivalents:

  1. Type and select the community college you plan to attend under Institution
  2. Under the Agreements with Other Institutions header, select “To: University of California, San Diego” and click View Agreements
  3. Sort by “Department” under View Agreement by: header
  4. Select the department of interest to view the community college’s list of course equivalencies

No petition is necessary for approved equivalent courses listed on If you have any questions regarding credit duplication with previous coursework, please contact Revelle Advising through the Virtual Advising Center. For information regarding course availability and schedule, please check with the community college.

How to petition transfer courses for GE credit

If you intend to enroll in a course that is not offered by a California community college and/or not listed on, the course must be approved by petition prior to enrollment. Electronically fill out and submit an Undergraduate Student Petition Form to the Revelle Advising office for consideration (email: Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of the community college or institution;
  • Proposed course (include course number, title, and units) and planned quarter/semester of enrollment; and
  • Which GE requirement you would like to use the course for.

You must also attach a syllabus and/or course description from the college's official course catalog.


To receive credit for coursework completed outside of UCSD, send an official transcript to the Admissions Office:

UC San Diego Office of Admissions
9500 Gilman Drive
MC 0021
La Jolla, CA 92093-0021

Please allow 10-12 weeks for UCSD Admissions to evaluate your transcripts and post the credits to your Academic History on MyTritonlink.