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Revelle College Honorary Fellows

Revelle College honor individuals who have made exceptional and sustained contributions to Revelle College, in particular its students, in the form of education, service, and/or research. Candidates who meet these high standards will be of two types: Fellows will be Revelle Faculty or Revelle Emeritus Faculty while Honorary Fellows will be members of the UCSD community more broadly.

In addition to honoring those who have already greatly contributed to the mission of Revelle College, we hope this program will also

  • foster greater interaction between Revelle faculty and the student body (which can help overcome some of the depersonalization that can occur in large institutions)
  • encourage creative ways to further education in and outside traditional academic settings
  • help produce a stronger sense of community between all members of Revelle College
  • Ann Craig

    Ann Craig

    Emeritus, Department of Political Science and Provost Emeritus Eleanor Roosevelt College

    Ann Craig is an alumna of the University of Minnesota (B.A. International Relations) and M.I.T. (Ph.D. Political Science).  In the Department of Political Science at UC San Diego her research, in the field of comparative politics, focused on regional political activism in Mexico.  Field research in Los Altos in Jalisco resulted in an oral history of a regional agrarian reform movement.  Retaining an interest in the interface between local movements and national politics, her research continued to focus on Mexican politics and the political and policy impacts of local and national social movements. 

    From 1994 to 2009 she served as Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College. After retiring, she was a consultant (2010-12) to the International Center on projects designed to deepen internationalization of education at UC San Diego and chaired the Senate Committee on International Education.  She served as Acting and Interim Provost of Revelle College for 18 months (2012-13), and as Interim Provost at Sixth College (2017-18).  She participates in the Emeriti Mentor program with Chancellor’s Scholars and at an after school tutoring program serving Latinx children in North County.
  • Nancy Groves

    Nancy Groves

    Emerita Dean of Academic Advising

  • Seth Lerer

    Seth Lerer

    Distinguished Professor of Literature, Department of Literature

  • Ernest Mort

    Ernest Mort

    Emeritus Dean of Revelle College

  • William Arctander O'Brien

    William Arctander O'Brien

    Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Department of Literature