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Faculty Engagement: At the heart of student success

Revelle College undergraduate student, faculty, and staff engagement is a key component of student success. At Revelle, a primary goal is to provide enriching experiences that engage faculty and students in a variety of opportunities that improve student success academically and socially as well as improve the sense of belonging to the Revelle community. To reach students with sustainable and impactful experiences, we encourage Revelle faculty to gather together with students often throughout the academic year. 

Revelle Orientation – Gives faculty an opportunity to speak with and engage parents and families along with incoming first-year students

First Year and Transfer Year Experience (FYE and TYE) – Gives faculty an opportunity to lead a lecture series with guests to enculturate first-year students to Revelle and UC San Diego

Revelle Mentorship Program – This program pairs faculty and students for guidance, shared life perspectives, encouragement, and help in identifying academic, career, and personal goals. Initiated in summer 2016, this program has successfully created over 50 mentor/mentee pairs. Students apply for a faculty mentor; currently, twenty (20) Revelle faculty are engaged in mentoring Revelle students. Mentor pairs meet at least once a quarter for an hour each meeting.

Revelle Mondays (paused from March 2020 through present) – Revelle faculty are invited to join Revelle students and the Provost for continental breakfast on the first Monday of the month, 10-11am in Revelle Conference Room C, behind Roger's Marketplace. Faculty and students  join in an informal setting to talk about topics of choice. Students are very interested in faculty experiences, how they got to this place, who to talk with about mentorship, where are the research opportunities on campus, and much more.

REV'd (paused from March 2020 through present) - Revelle Engages in Verve Development! Every Monday afternoon, 3:00 - 4:00pm in the Revelle Administration Building, Conference Room East, you'll find Provost Yu, Revelle students, faculty members, and alumni rejuvinating the mind and spirit through conversation over tea and cookies. This intimate and informal setting is attractive to students as they talk about pre-med applications, going to graduate school, various countries visited, and more. Faculty are invited to drop in every Monday afternoon!

Revelle Honors Program – Part of Revelle’s Honors Program, Revelle's First-Year Honors Seminar provides students with opportunities to engage with professors in a small seminar setting, learn about research across campus, connect with research and internship opportunities, and engage in social events, live performances, campus tours and more. Seminar lectures are 1 hr, 20 minutes each. Let us know if you would like to be a guest lecturer!

TRELS  - COP initiative – Triton Research and Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS), faculty read and review student applications for experiential learning opportunities – 2 – 5 hours/faculty/quarter

Revelle College Commencement - Join Revelle's Provost, faculty, students, and special guest on the platform annually! The 2020 Revelle Commencement Ceremony will be announced early 2020. Gather in the RIMAC green room prior for a light snack before we celebrate our graduates!

College Governance Opportunities

Revelle College Executive Committee – Each year, Revelle College holds an election in spring quarter for the Faculty Executive Committee. Four faculty and a Chair of the Faculty engage in governance and curriculum dialog to improve the student academic experience. Meetings are 1 ½ hours, typically once a quarter. 

Revelle College Representative to Faculty Assembly - Two delegate and two alternate delegates are elected by the Revelle-affiliated faculty, with terms overlapping. 

Revelle Faculty Meetings - Meetings of the Revelle College-affiliated faculty are held at least once each academic year, sometimes more frequently. These meetings, held in late afternoon, give faculty a chance to join together in conversation over general eduation requirements and potential changes, and other governance matters of the College. Faculty receive invitations to these meetings via email.

Faculty Achievement Recognition

Faculty Fellows and Honorary Fellows - Revelle College honors faculty and affiliates with Fellows and Honorary Fellows designation at its annual Honors & Awards Ceremony in May. Fellows are those Revelle-affiliated faculty and other faculty and those dedicated to Revelle students in a significant way, and over time. You can read more and learn about our Fellows here.

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The Revelle College Administration Building was the vision and determination of Provost Paul Saltman (1967-1972). This building held the hopes and dreams of thousands of students, staff and faculty for 50 years. The building was demolished on May 31, 2022, to make room for a new generation plant that will support the Theatre & Dance Living Learning Neighborhood. Thank you Erik Jepsen for this beautiful memory. Images were taken after Revelle College Administration Offices moved to Galbraith Hall, 3rd floor, the location of the original UC San Diego Library.