Revelle College Mentoring Program

The mentor is the one who helps you find your own way, But you have to be open; you have to ask questions; you can’t pretend to have all the answers. That takes guts; real guts.

     ~ Joseph Campbell in Once and Future Myths

The Revelle Mentoring Program is piloted in summer 2016 to encourage faculty-student interaction through out-of-classroom meetings that can help to improve academic achievement and provide guidance. The pilot program is geared toward current students in good standing who are junior or senior status.

Become a Mentor

Revelle College Faculty wishing to become a mentor, please contact the Revelle College Provost's Office - or 858-534-1571.

How mentors can be of help?

  • How to cope with financial struggles
  • How to work through personal relationship issues
  • An understanding of cultural differences and expectations
  • Realistic time to degree
  • Student well-being/challenging negative self-opinions
  • Choosing a career guidance

Find a Mentor

Apply for a Mentor

Having a mentor has been the best thing that happened to me in my college life. I will always be forever grateful to my mentor and the program that has helped me to meet him. It has been a true blessing for me and I could never thank my mentor and the program enough.

  ~ Anonymous Student, UC San Diego

Revelle College students of junior or senior status, who are in good standing, are encouraged to apply. 


Revelle College Provost's Office - ~ 858-534-1571