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Humanities Peer Tutoring 

The Humanities Peer Tutors is offering one-on-one sessions for the 2021-22 Academic Year online through Zoom.

We can help if you are:

  • Lost on where to start
  • Brainstorming your claim
  • Outlining your argument
  • Trying to write an effective thesis statement
  • Struggling with a claim clarification
  • Writing a counterargument
  • Wondering how to connect your paragraphs

…. And nearly anything else HUM related!

Interested in being a Humanities Peer Tutor? Apply by Friday, March 25!

Sign Up for Tutoring

For the Winter 2022 quarter, we will be holding sessions online via Zoom. Sign up for a 20-minute one-on-one session with a peer tutor to discuss any essay-related concerns you may have.

Online tutoring: Book an appointment through Calendly. Please note: You must sign up at least 12 hours before the session. There is a limit of one tutoring session per day (extra signups will be deleted).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our coordinators directly at Good luck on your essay and we look forward to working with you!

Apply to be a Humanities Peer Tutor

If you have successfully completed at least two of the required courses in the HUM sequence and are looking for an opportunity to help other HUM students, consider applying to be a Humanities Peer Tutor! Spring 2022 applications are due Friday, March 25th.

Peer Tutors help facilitate tutoring sessions, demonstrating a strong understanding of the HUM writing principles and a desire to help their peers. Peer tutors will go through training to cover the specific ways to assist students, and are responsible for attending sessions (or providing availability) during essay weeks and providing writing instruction to students in one-on-one sessions. For any specific questions about the position, please contact


Tutors receive training and experience with key skills of:

  • Communication: Tutors learn to provide clear, constructive feedback to students, as well as frequent communication with co-coordinators
  • Content mastery: Expertise in core English writing concepts as well as principles of style and concision in essay writing
  • Facilitation: Tutors are trained to guide students into strengthening their content understanding and writing, with an emphasis on facilitation and explanation of core concepts.
  • Leadership: Tutors contribute to the Revelle community by leading one-on-one meetings to help support students. Becoming a tutor also allows the opportunity to lead workshops and apply to become program Secretary or Co-coordinator.


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