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Humanities Writing Resources

  • Talk to your TA or professor in their weekly office hours. Schedules are posted on Canvas.
  •  Need help with the mechanics of writing? 
    • Refer to the Humanities Program Writing Handbook
  • Need help starting your essay, brainstorming ideas, or figuring out a claim clarification? 
    • Humanities Peer Tutoring: Meet one-on-one with another Revelle student who has successfully gone through the Humanities sequence and talk through your ideas.
  • Need help with specific writing issues such as structure, thesis statements, or use of evidence?           
    • Writing Hub
      • Make a synchronous or asynchronous appointment with a tutor, or attend walk-in tutoring.
      • Attend a writing workshop on revision
  • Need help expressing your ideas in written form? 
  • Struggling with writing in general and looking for strategies to better interpret prompts, manage your time, or structure essays?
  • Need help developing more effective study methods and time management? 
    •   Learning Strategist: Gain valuable insight to better manage university-level learning and how you best study.