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UC San Diego Deep Decarbonization Initiative (D2I), January 25

UC San Diego Deep Decarbonization Initiative (D2I) 2016-2017 Research Seminar Series

Dir. William Torre: Accommodation of higher penetration of renewable generation by implementation of energy storage and other advanced smart control technology to meet Decarbonization objectives

Bill Torre is the program director for Energy Storage Systems at the Center for Energy Research and oversees research on developing energy storage and integration of renewable generation. This work includes energy storage demonstration projects that test and demonstrate advanced energy storage technology to improve the performance of micro-grid operations and renewable generation.

Date:     Wednesday, January 25th, 2:30-4pm

Place:    Henry Booker Room, 2nd Floor, JSOE EBUI

RSVP:   Click here

Undergraduate Research Programs Conference, June 26 - 28, NAU

This summer’s Undergraduate Research Programs Conference, June 26-28, 2017, at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff, has two important, upcoming deadlines:

1)      Don’t forget to submit your abstract by January 17th!

2)      Members register by April 24th for a discount

CUR will also be offering a limited number of small travel grants to subsidize the cost of attending. Please see http://www.cur.org/conferences_and_events/cur_conference_grants/ for eligibility and application instructions. The deadline to apply is March 29, 2017.

For more information, including the schedule at a glance, click here.

ENG 2 - Orientation to Engineering 2, Winter 2017

Professor Andrew Kahng will teach ENG 2 this quarter. The objective of ENG 2 is to enhance your success as an engineering student (and later as an engineer) by studying and developing key academic and personal skills. This course -- just like being a successful student and a successful future engineer -- is really all about you, for you, and up to you. Throughout the quarter, we will focus on development of academic and personal planning, time management and study skills, as well as paths to personal growth. Activities include individual and collaborative exercises, self-assessments, maintenance of a personal journal, and a final project. Read more here! Enroll now: Sections 900209 (A00), and 940830 (B00)

An important message: UC President Napolitano and UC Chancellors

November 9, 2016


SUBJECT: An Important Message from President Napolitano and UC
Chancellors about Yesterday’s Election Results

In light of yesterday's election results, we know there is
understandable consternation and uncertainty among members of the
University of California community. The University of California is
proud of being a diverse and welcoming place for students, faculty, and
staff with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.
Diversity is central to our mission. We remain absolutely committed to
supporting all members of our community and adhering to UC’s Principles
Against Intolerance. As the Principles make clear, the University
“strives to foster an environment in which all are included” and “all
are given an equal opportunity to learn and explore.” The University of
California will continue to pursue and protect these principles now and
in the future, and urges our students, faculty, staff, and all others
associated with the University to do so as well.

We are proud of what the University of California stands for and hope to
convey that positive message to others in our state and nation.

President Janet Napolitano
University of California

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks
University of California, Berkeley

Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter
University of California, Davis

Chancellor Howard Gillman
University of California, Irvine

Chancellor Gene Block
University of California, Los Angeles

Chancellor Dorothy Leland
University of California, Merced

Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox
University of California, Riverside

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla
University of California, San Diego

Chancellor Sam Hawgood
University of California, San Francisco

Chancellor Henry T. Yang
University of California, Santa Barbara

Chancellor George R. Blumenthal
University of California, Santa Cruz

Revelle College is committed to UCSD Principles of Community


Reminder of Opportunities to Engage Our Principles of Community

I take this opportunity to reissue our September campus notice regarding our shared responsibility to engage our Principles of Community.

Democracy is complex because no two people are the same. Our increasingly diverse campus community is home to individuals who hold vastly different political and ideological views. We honor this diversity and encourage the exchange of perspectives in constructive, responsible ways. We cannot allow the increasing level of political polarization, anxiety, fear, and affronts that pervade our current national discourse to disrupt and divide our campus community.

It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

Join me in reaffirming and Engaging Our Principles of Community. The campus notice from September can be found here:

Becky Petitt, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor –
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion