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Humanities Major and Minor


Typically, students interested in majoring in humanities must choose a specific major in the humanities departments (i.e. history, literature, or philosophy). Revelle students may request to graduate with an approved individual/special project major in the humanities.


The humanities minor consists of at least seven courses chosen from the listings of the Departments of History, Philosophy, Literature, Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre. All seven courses may be selected from the upper-division offerings, but at least five upper-division courses must be included. Students for whom Humanities 1-5 fulfill general education requirements may use two of these courses towards fulfillment of requirements for the humanities minor.

For students who entered UCSD before January 1, 1998, the required number of courses for the minor is six courses, at least three of which must be upper-division.

Courses selected for the minor must be selected from the offerings of more than one department. They must concern themselves with more than one historical, national, or ethnic culture; and they must offer broad treatment of centrally important topics in the humanities. Thus, a course on the history of the United States since the Civil War would be appropriate for the humanities minor, while a course on the history of California would not.

Here are some examples of course lists appropriate for the humanities minor:

Example 1:

  • History, HILD 2AB: United States
  • History, HILD 11: East Asia and the West
  • History, HIEU 143: European Intellectual History, 1870-1945
  • Literature, LTEA: 110B: Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation
  • Philosophy, PHIL 160: Ethical Theory
  • Philosophy, PHIL 177: Philosophy and Literature
  • Visual Arts, VIS 121B: Church and Mosque

Example 2:

  • Theatre and Dance, TDGE 11: Great Performances on Film
  • History, HILA 102: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
  • History, HIAF 111: Modern Africa Since 1880
  • Literature, LTAM 110: : Latin American Literature in Translation
  • Visual Arts, VIS 105D: Art Forms and Chinese Calligraphy
  • Music, MUS 114: Music of the Twentieth Century
  • Theate and Dance, TDHT 109: African American Theatre

Example 3:

  • Humanities, HUM 1: The Foundations of Western Civilization: Israel and Greece
  • Humanities, HUM 2: Rome Christianity, and the Middle Ages
  • Literature, LTEN 112: Shakespeare
  • Literature, LTEN 158: Modern American Literature
  • Literature, LTWL 183: Film Studies & Literature
  • Philosophy, PHIL 175: Aesthetics
  • Philosophy, PHIL 177: Philosophy and Literature

Minor Declaration

To ensure your declaration is approved follow these steps:

  1. Review How to Declare a Minor 
  2. Use the minor declaration tool to declare your minor. The Humanities minor code is M023. 
  3. List seven courses in total; only two courses may be lower division. The remaining five courses must be upper-division. It is also possible to list seven upper-division courses. It's okay if you haven't taken all the courses or if you end up taking different courses.*

*Once you have an approved humanities minor, enroll and complete all courses as listed in your petition. If any course changes, please email for approval before enrolling in a new course. The advisor will modify your petition once the replacement course is approved.