• Jan. 11: Beginner's Guide to Humanities for International Students (click to participate)

  • Jan. 19: RPB presents "Get in the Zone!" (click for tickets)

  • Jan. 30 - Feb. 3: Spirit Week (click to participate)

  • Feb. 4: Siblings Day (click to participate)

  • Feb. 7: College Bowl (click to participate)

  • Mar. 17: Roger Revelle's Birthday Celebration

To create a new world, we must first create within ourselves a higher concern for good, a stronger will for right action, and a deeper sense of brotherhood

~ Roger Revelle

Student Life

Welcome to Revelle College Student Affairs! We hope that your time at Revelle College will be exciting, memorable, and provide opportunities for you to gain invaluable skills and experiences that will serve you at UC San Diego and beyond.

The Revelle Student Affairs Staff is committed to supporting and enhancing students' out of class experience at UC San Diego. We advise Revelle student clubs and organizations; collaborate with students in planning special events such as Revellution, Watermelon Drop, and Roger Revelle's Birthday; coordinate programs and activities; and counsel students on a wide range of personal issues.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities available to you at Revelle College, from our student organizations and advisory groups, Residence Life programming, and Dine-with-a-Prof, to Revelle College Council, Revellations (our college newsletter), and the Emerging Leaders Program. Learn more by exploring our website, or by contacting any member of the Student Affairs Staff.

Apply to be a Revelle Organization Chairperson for the 2017-2018 school year! Applications are due by 11:59 PM Thursday, April 27.