Office of the Provost

Welcome from Paul K. L. Yu

It is a pleasure to welcome new and continuing students to Revelle College. I am committed to student success through Revelle’s vibrant center of cross-disciplinary collaboration and undergraduate academic exploration.

As Revelle College Provost, it is my pleasure and my role to ensure inclusiveness as a blending spirit from res halls to classroom, from Revelle Commons to the outside world. Revelle students represent a fascinating variety of talents and backgrounds, and we are committed to fostering such diversity in an environment of mutual respect. We welcome you to Revelle College and encourage you to become a member of our thriving community.

Paul K. L. Yu, Provost
Provost Revelle College
Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
William S. C. Chang Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Paul K. Yu, Provost

Paul K. L. Yu, Provost