Humanities Peer Tutoring 

Need help with essay writing or brainstorming for your HUM classes? Come to Revelle Humanities Peer Tutoring! 

We offer one-on-one tutoring sessions with Revelle undergraduate tutors who have experienced the HUM sequence, and can share their insight about writing a great HUM paper.

Appointments are walk-in based, but if you register for the session online, you’ll have priority. Please sign in to reserve your spot by clicking here!

 Fall 2018 Schedule

Session Date
Session Time
Tu 10/16 6-8pm Galbraith Hall 174 
M 10/22 5-7pm Galbraith Hall 174 
Tu 11/13 6-8pm Galbraith Hall 174 
Th 11/15 6-8pm Galbraith Hall 174 

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