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Rights & Responsibilities

Living in a Revelle College residential facility entails the concurrent opportunities and challenges associated with living in a community of student peers. Certain community responsibilities accompany group living situations, such as cooperation, mutual respect, and shared vision. It means accepting responsibility for how one's actions affect others as neighbors, especially once you realize that students in limited spaces affect each other's lives in many ways. Establishing a supportive, positive, residential environment means each inpidual must make occasional adjustments in personal habits, attitudes, and beliefs. Responsible community citizenship means exercising your legitimate rights within the confines of respecting and considering the equally legitimate rights of other members of that community. Therefore we encourage you to work toward developing responsible involvement in your community, based on the following resident rights and responsibilities.

These are some of your rights and responsibilities--think about them; talk about them; and make them a part of what you do during your stay here. This is your "home-away-from-home" for the year.

You have the rights You have the responsibilities
To associate with whomever you please To accept all other residents for who they are, what they are, and where they are from. You have the responsibility to educate yourself on issues of human persity and appreciate differences as simply differences, not assuming a "wrong" or "right" context.
To a reasonably peaceful and quiet space in which you can sleep and study To observe quiet hours, keep your stereo and your voice at a reasonable volume, and remind others that you expect the same of them.
To privacy and the proportionate use of your room both in terms of space and time, and the right to be free of unwanted guests in your room, suite, or apartment; To let your roommate(s) know of your wishes and preferences for hours of sleep, study, and visitation and to work through any differences that may arise in a peaceful manner, within established guidelines.
To choose your means of recreation and relaxation; To know and abide by the laws of the State of California, including those that pertain to alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and a smoke-free environment. You have the responsibility to follow the rules and regulations established to support the educational purposes of the University and to sustain a safe and comfortable living environment.
To confront another's behavior which infringes on your rights; To examine your own behavior when confronted by another and work towards resolving conflicts.
To participate in Revelle Residence Life programs and other community-building activities as you choose; To get to know other members of your Revelle community, actively participate in the sponsored programs and activities and to attend all mandatory Revelle Residence Life programs.
To the assistance of your Revelle Residence Life Staff, as well as Housing and/or University personnel when you need help with a problem; To notify a staff person of your problem in a timely manner, and to cooperate in mutually working to solve your problem.
To know what's allowed and prohibited in Revelle residential facilities To read information provided to you by Revelle Residence Life, especially your Housing contract and the Revelle Calendar.