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Turnitin Instructions

The final version of your essay is due on the day and time indicated by your instructor or TA. Please disregard the due dates listed on Turnitin. Only submit the final revised version of your paper to Turnitin. Once you have submitted your papers online, you will not be able to go back and make any changes. You must submit an exact electronic copy of the hard-copy paper you turn in to your TA.

To submit an essay:

1. Go to Turnitin
2. Create account with your UCSD email. Should you receive an error message saying that there is a preexisting account with Turnitin with your UCSD email, please use a preexisting, personal email to register. This issue stems from UCSD reissuing old UCSD email addresses.
3. Enroll in correct Humanities section. Check with your TA for your Class ID and Enrollment Password.
4. Submit your essay.
5. You will receive an e-mail receipt. Save this receipt as proof of your submission.

If you have any enrollment or submission problems, please refer to Turnitin's Help Center.
If the problems are not easily resolved, contact your TA. 

The Humanities Program uses Turnitin as a mechanism to help detect Academic Integrity violations. Turnitin compares each submission to all internet documents and a database of previously submitted essays. All submitted essays will be included as source documents in the Turnitin database solely to detect future plagiarism. Use of Turnitin is subject to the terms of agreement posted on their site.