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One Book Revelle
Jericho Brown

The Humanities Program is pleased to announce the inaugural year of One Book Revelle. One Book programs across the country foster community by uniting readers around a single title. This year, we are thrilled to have chosen Jericho Brown’s The Tradition, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020. Jericho Brown will be reading from The Tradition and other works at UC San Diego on May 5th, 2022.

The poems in The Tradition explore what Maya Phillips in The New York Times described as “the physical body at risk.” This theme is built upon through a variety of lyric poems, including his own innovative poetic form, the duplex. The Pulitzer committee called The Tradition "a collection of masterful lyrics that combine delicacy with historical urgency in their loving evocation of bodies vulnerable to hostility and violence."

We invite students, staff, and faculty to open up The Tradition and create conversation. One Book Revelle can be exchanging reflections with your Keeling suitemates, the person you sat next to in Humanities on the first day of classes, or with friends at In-N-Out. It can mean expanding your world as you leave volleyball practice or a meeting with the Assistant Dean.

To help facilitate these conversations, the Humanities Program has organized resources and guides that you can find below. For questions, contact

Event Registration

Register to attend Jericho Brown's UC San Diego poetry reading, in person or remote.


Attend Workshops

Professor Antony Lyon will be going over conversation strategies and walking through a close reading of a poem as an example (April 12 and 15).

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