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Humanities 5 - Spring 2020 Schedule

Please see the Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of days, times, and room Locations for each lecture and section. The Schedule of Classes will also include the reading list for each instructor.

Professor Kate Thompson: Humanities 5 A00
 ID Section  Teaching Assistant Office Hours  OH Location
000493 A01 Hannah Grace Lanneau
000494 A02 Hannah Grace Lanneau
000495 A03 Geoff West
000496 A04 Geoff West
000497 A05 Michael Kenny
000498 A06 Hannah Grace Lanneau
000499 A07 Michael Kenny
000500 A08 Michael Kenny
Professor Antony Lyon: Humanities 5 B00
 ID Section  Teaching Assistant Office Hours  OH Location
000502 B01 Katie Neipris
000503 B02 Katie Neipris
000504 B03 Matt Hall
000505 B04 Matt Hall
000506 B05 Kailey Giordano
000507 B06 Kailey Giordano
000508 B07 Yupeng Jiao
000509 B08 Yupeng Jiao
000510 B09 Amanda Tarkington
000511 B10 Amanda Tarkington
000512 B11 Tatiana Zavodny
000513 B12 Tatiana Zavodny
000514 B13 Rosie Dwyer
000515 B14 Rosie Dwyer
014201 B15 J.C. Gonzalez
014202 B16 J.C. Gonzalez