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Discussion Leaders: Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice (UGIA)

REV 195 UGIA (for REV 1 or REV 2)

Apply to be a Revelle College Discussion Leader

Gain teaching experience and build relationships with faculty, staff, TAs and peers by becoming a Discussion Leader for Revelle College's First Year or Transfer Year Experience course. Paid training (CCR approved)! Applications open early 2023. 

For more information and for full application: 

Eligibility requirements for REV 195 UGIA

  • Must be a Revelle College student in good academic standing and have completed 90 UC San Diego units by the beginning of Fall 2022
  • Must have completed the first three quarters of Revelle College's Humanities Writing Program or equivalent, by the beginning of Fall 2022

Apply to be a Revelle College Discussion Leader

Gain valuable teaching experience, under the direction of experienced lecturers, by leading discussion sections for a First Year Experience course.

Academic Senate Restrictions for UGIA Positions

  • UGIAs only grading option is Pass/Not Pass
  • Students cannot be a UGIA for the same course more than once
  • Students cannot be a UGIA for more than one course in a quarter

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend a six-week training. Dates will be released after the next hiring cycle closes. 
  • Throughout the quarter, UGIAs meet with the graduate TA on a weekly basis to ensure ongoing communication regarding progress of students and to prepare for sections
  • Attend all weekly class lectures led by the faculty instructor in fall quarter and review assignments
  • Prepare lesson plans and lead weekly discussion sections. UGIA is expected to have mastery of course material to provide quality services to students during discussion sections and office hours
  • Hold office hours - minimum of one hour per week
  • Assist with course preparation as needed
  • Assist with grading

Method of Evaluation and Course Credit

A 195 course can only be taken for credit and not for pay. Students can only participate as a UGIA for REV 1 or REV 2 one time (4 units). Students' performance will be evaluated at the end of the quarter on a P/NP basis.

Training and Supervision of Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice (UGIA)

UGIAs will be trained for their responsibilities during training prior to the quarter in which they teach the course. UGIAs are mentored and supervised by the instructor and the graduate TA assigned to the course. UGIAs must meet with the instructor and graduate TA before the beginning of instruction to establish organizational guidelines for the quarter. After the initial meeting, regular weekly meetings with the graduate TA are essential. Course material (syllabus, readings, etc.) will be available prior to the beginning of instruction.