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Four Year Plans and Quarter-by-Quarter Planning

Academic Counselors can assist students in developing an academic plan towards timely graduation, completing prerequisites for graduate school or a specialized program, and/or prepare for entering the workforce.

Four Year Plans

At UC San Diego, the colleges and academic departments have developed four year plans to assist you in exploring requirements and course options for GE and major requirements.

We recommend all students interested in developing a four- or two-year plan contact Revelle Academic Advising for an appointment.

Please visit the UCSD Four Year Plans site to view available plans.

Quarter-by-Quarter Planning

If you would like to create a personalized academic plan with a Revelle Academic Counselor, please use the worksheet found here. 


For more information and strategies for graduating on time, visit Timely Degree Completion.

Total number of units required for graduation from Revelle College has been changed from 184 to 180, effective Fall 2017 for all students.