Revelle College Student Organizations

Revelle College provides a variety of organizations for student involvement. Participation in student organizations enriches your college experience, leadership skills, personal development, and life-long friendships.

Commuter Activities Board (CAB)

CAB The Commuter Activities Board (CAB) is an association of commuter students at Revelle College.  We understand that commuter needs are different than those of residents, and seek to create a  warm network of friends and organize social activities.


Co-Chairs: Segar Bedi & Veronica Soteras
Meets Tuesdays at 11am 

Cultural Awareness Network (CAN)

CAN Cultural Awareness Network (CAN) is a student-run organization committed to promoting an  understanding of our diverse global community and sensitivity to discrimination through inclusive  events. 


Co-Chairs:  Guanxin Li & Siqi Huang
Meets Fridays at 5pm - Location TBD


RCO Revellations is dedicated to informing the Revelle community about programs and events while providing students with an outlet for self-expression through written and visual mediums. Read more here...


Co-Chairs: Natalie Lydick & Nicole Sowers
Meets: Mondays at 4pm Location: Conference Room A

Revelle Community Outreach (RCO)


Revelle Community Outreach (RCO) is a community service organization dedicated to providing fun and interactive volunteer opportunities for Revelle students. Through involvement in the organization, members benefit from providing humanitarian services, leadership opportunities, and long-lasting friendships.


Co-Chairs: Patrick Liu & Kyra Rivette
Meets Wednesdays at 4pm in Revelle Conference Room A

Revelle Graduation Committee

Grad Commte The Graduation Committee is a group of seniors dedicated to organizing social events to make  senior year fun and memorable.  They also coordinate aspects of the Revelle College  Commencement, which includes finding speakers and singers for the ceremony.  This is YOUR  year, and we would love your input. 



Revelle Hall Association (RHA)

RHA RHA is a student organization that plans exciting events for the Revelle residential community  and we are always looking for new members! Are you interested in pursuing leadership positions  at Revelle College? Well, RHA can help you gain the leadership and program planning  experience needed, all while making new friends and meeting new  people. 



Co-Chairs: Lucy Cummings & Ashley Yamvinij
Meets Mondays at 8pm in the Revelle conference rooms

Revelle Programming Board (RPB)

RPB The mission of Revelle Programming Board (RPB) is to promote involvement by programming  traditional and unique events that unite the Revelle Community. Examples of events include:  Watermelon Drop, Semiformal, Roger Revelle’s Birthday, and RPB Arcade. 



Co-chairs: Cristian Bravo & Jacob Ortega
Meets TBA

Revelle Spirit Crew (RSC)

Revelle Spirit Crew Revelle Spirit Crew is a team of spirited Revelle students dedicated to fostering a sense of pride and belonging in the Revelle family and campus wide community. Revelle Spirit Crew will promote active participation by showing support for UC San Diego Athletics and engaging students in the annual campus-wide Spirit Night event.


Co-Chairs - Crystal Sandoval & Cy'ral Davis
Meets Tuesdays at 4:30pm 


Revelle Transfer Student Network (RTSN)

RTSN The Revelle Transfer Student Network (RTSN) sparks new connections within the transfer  community. We acknowledge the unique experience of a transfer student and strive to ease the  transition and encourage the integration into the UC San Diego community. We desire to bring  about endless possibilities for transfer students to further their academic and professional  careers through fun and interactive events. 




REVELLUTION Concert Committee

Revellution REVELLUTION Concert Committee is a student-run group focused on planning and producing Revelle’s annual college concert.        



Chair: Maegan Sperry
Meets Mondays at 3pm in Conference Room A

Welcome Week Committee

Revellution Welcome Week Committee is dedicated to organizing Revelle's annual Welcome Week events and welcoming new and returning students.  Come join us and serve as a Welcome Week Ambassador!



Co-Chairs: Emily Paris & Rupal Paliwal 
Meets: Fridays at 3pm Location Humanities Conference Room (Galbraith Hall, Room 174)