Next Step is currently on hiatus. Stay tuned for mentorship updates from the Revelle Provost's office.

What is the Next Step Program?

The Next Step Program, founded by Revelle College Council in 2006, provides an opportunity for upper-division students to interact with their favorite professors who will share insight into their respective fields on a more individualized level. Faculty mentors and student mentees are paired based on common professional and extracurricular interests in order to facilitate the best possible Next Step Program experience. Next Step is coordinated by the Revelle College Council Director of Student Services.

Students who participate in the program benefit by engaging in diverse and interactive opportunities with professors, cultivating personal and professional skills outside of the classroom to better equip students for study at UC San Diego, and by taking a next step in the development of their post-undergraduate careers.

During the next two quarters, the Next Step Program will hold one or two events per quarter that mentors and mentees can attend in order to get better acquainted. However, in honor of its distinct characteristic of being a student-run program, much of the planning and scheduling for meetings and informal interactions will be done by the student mentee in order to best accommodate their faculty mentor’s availability.


  • Provide students with exposure to an expert faculty member in their area of study and/or area of interest, that can help them learn about valuable resources at UC San Diego
  • Equip mentees with the necessary tools to be academically successful
  • Help students cultivate their abilities, interests, and values, to identify and pursue goals
  • Help students build and strengthen leadership and communication skills

Calendar of Events

Program Calendar:

  • Next Step application period opens Wednesday, February 3 and closes Wednesday, February 10
  • Faculty orientation – Wednesday, February 3, 11am (Formal Lounge)
  • Mandatory student orientation – Friday, February 12, 11am (Formal Lounge)
  • Program Begins – Monday, February 15
  • Program Ends – Friday, June 10

Program Events:

The Next Step Program will host key events for all faculty and students participating in the program. If accepted, please mark your calendar and plan on attending the following events:

  • Welcome reception: Winter Quarter - Friday, February 19 at 11:00 am, Formal Lounge (RSVP Required)
  • Social events: Winter Quarter - Week 8 & Spring Quarter - TBD
  • End-of-the-year dinner – Spring Quarter (RSVP Required)

How Does the Program Work?

  • Open to second, third, fourth, and fifth year Revelle College students in any undergraduate program of study
  • Students must demonstrate an interest in establishing a mentoring relationship with a UC San Diego faculty member
  • Students must submit an application during the official application period; students should review the online list of faculty mentors, and select three whose interests and goals (not necessarily field of study) are similar to their own. Applicants will be asked to list their top three faculty mentors on the application.
  • Students that are accepted to the program are matched with a faculty mentor based on major, academic interests and other identified criteria
  • Mentees are required to attend all scheduled Next Step activities during the academic year and meet all program requirements
  • Mentees must meet with their faculty mentor a minimum of two times during winter quarter and two times during spring quarter

What is a Faculty Mentor?

A faculty mentor is a professor who is interested in cultivating academic connections with upper-division students. Participating faculty will connect with one to three Revelle students, acting as a networking resource and a guide. Mentors are encouraged to meet with students during office hours, over coffee or lunch, or in their labs/research facilities.

Mentor relationships are a great opportunity to use your knowledge and experience to make a difference in a student’s academic growth and development. You will have the opportunity to encourage and guide participating students in a direction that will enhance their academic career.

Process to Become a Mentor

At the beginning of each academic year, the Revelle Next Step program solicits nominations for outstanding UC San Diego faculty from its student body. These faculty members – nominated for their creativity and compassion, expansive understanding of subject matter, and commitment to teaching and learning in formal and informal contexts – are invited by the program’s student coordinator to serve as Next Step mentors.

We hope that faculty will welcome the opportunity to become acquainted with Revelle College students in settings beyond the classroom, and that their contributions of time, energy, and expertise will be rewarded through the lasting impacts they make on individuals. The Next Step Program proudly recognizes the service of all its faculty mentors.

Professors who agree to participate in the Next Step program are asked to submit a 3-4 sentence description of their professional and personal interests. These brief profiles help the program coordinator make suitable mentee-mentor matches. Typically, a Next Step faculty mentor is assigned 1-3 student mentees. It is intended that each mentor will:

  • Meet with his/her mentee(s) at least twice per quarter (mentees are expected to take the initiative, and arrange meetings with you). Of course, a mentor may always do more, but we understand that busy schedules may not permit this
  • Foster a relationship based on trust and respect, sharing life perspectives, guidance, and encouragement, and helping mentees to identify academic, career, and personal goals
  • Communicate with the program coordinators should any questions or issues arise

Because Next Step is a student-driven program, it is expected that students will initiate all contact and planning. To enable mentor-mentee interactions and community building among program participants, the program coordinator will host a social each quarter. All faculty mentors are invited and encouraged to attend these events.

Faculty Mentees Will Benefit From:

  • Recognition by Revelle College and Revelle College Council
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Participation in Next Step-hosted events
  • Recognition by the Revelle College Provost, in the form of a letter to your department chair sharing your contributions to the program

What is a Student Mentee?

Next Step Mentees are second through fifth year Revelle College students who have applied and been accepted into the Next Step Program.

Next Step is a student-directed program, which means that most of the initiative lies with you, the student mentee! Once the mentee-mentor matches have been made, you will:

  • Attend the mandatory program orientation on Friday, February 12
  • Be proactive and arrange meetings with your faculty mentor at least twice per quarter* (you are encouraged to take advantage of the Coffee with a Prof and/or Dine with a Prof program
  • Identify the skills, knowledge, and/or goals you wish to achieve, and communicate them effectively to your mentor
  • Ask questions, seek feedback, and work with your mentor to identify resources for learning (e.g., people, programs)
  • Be eager and willing to put in the time and effort required to build a meaningful mentor relationship
  • Complete an evaluation of your experience in the Next Step Program
  • Communicate with a program coordinator should any questions or issues arise

Student Mentees Will Benefit From:

  • Guidance, direction, advice, and encouragement from an accomplished UC San Diego faculty member
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Participation in Next Step-hosted events
  • Recognition by Revelle College with a certificate of completion

Student Experiences

“I took the Next Step and am currently working at a lab on campus with a great mentor who is helping me explore research as a career option. I am so grateful to have met this mentor; we talk about everything from science to life and I feel comfortable asking him any questions I have!” ~Next Step participant, 2015

“This is a great opportunity to connect with faculty members that you don't
normally get to talk individually with. I personally learned so much from having such an insightful mentor that I can confide in so I highly encourage everyone to apply!” ~Next Step participant, 2015